Galaxy Gaming has finally bagged the license to operate in California, something that was much awaited to happen both the business and gamers alike. In particular, the gaming giant received approval from the California Gambling Control Commission last week, after a few months of waiting.

The license allows Gaming Galaxy to provide games and gaming-related services to casinos all over the state. This will include systems required to run different games as well as the necessary hardware required to run the games. California is known to have the highest number of table games in North America. Therefore, Gaming Galaxy will definitely have a huge market for its goods and services.

In fact, in late 2019, Gaming Galaxy hit the headlines its major shareholder and founder, Robert Saucier, announced that he was leaving the company. According to a news article featured by, is that Galaxy as an enterprise did not explain the departure which was sudden and totally unexpected. Saucier also served as the company’s executive vice president of business development.

The gaming operator had to sell the shares belonging to Saucier, a move that did not have a positive economic impact. Saucier owned 60 percent of the shares of the company, which were worth not less than $33.55 million. This by default gave them more control and influence the policies under which this establishment spins.

Saucier’s departure seems to have some positive impact on the gaming operator’s luck. Since his departure, Gaming Galaxy has received several license approvals in different states including Maryland, Wisconsin, Arkansas and the province of Ontario. The licensing approval in California marks its thirteenth licensing approval.

Saucier founded Gaming Galaxy in 2000. However, he seemed to brush shoulders with gaming regulators in several states, including California, Nevada, and Oregon. The gaming regulators constantly questioned his business tactics and his suitability to receive a license.

In 2017, he had to resign as the company’s Chairman and CEO, after the Nevada Gaming Control Board refused to issue Gaming Galaxy with a license to operate in Nevada. After his resignation, the board sent the application back to Gaming Galaxy for them to review the document once more.

Immediately after the license was approved, President and CEO of Gaming Galaxy Todd Cravens, gave a press statement saying there were very excited about the new opportunity. They were glad that their efforts to restore the glory of the company are being recognized.

Gaming Galaxy has been out of business in California for about 6 years. The company has been working effortlessly to make its return into the California gaming industry all through the years with no meaningful results.

At last, it has found a way back in. In the press statement, Cravens added that California is an important market for the company and that they were looking forward to working with the casino operators in the state. They promised to continue expanding their footing in California as well as in other states.


Damaris is a seasoned writer and analyst of the gambling market with several years of experience writing for various blogs and websites worldwide. He has worked with several casino startups and is a supporter of credible casino projects worldwide.
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