A new working partnership seems to have been forged in the US gaming industry and this is expected to help improve the entertainment industry at large. Verifiable reports have it that Intralot has partnered with Sportradar in a bid to provide better services and expand its market in the US.

Under the new deal, Sportradar, a sports data services provider will provide Intralot with data for all its sports betting activities, whether pre-match or live. Intralot, a lottery and gaming solutions provider, will, in turn, provide this data to various lotteries they have partnered with all over the US. States that will be part of the new deal include Washington DC, Montana, New Hampshire, and New Mexico.

The announcement comes barely a week after Sportradar renewed its working partnership with the Asian Football Confederation. According to a report shared by one writer at the igbnorthamerica.com. The new contact is feasible until 2023 when they can choose to either abandon it altogether or renew it once again.

Based on the current management, however, from both sides of the companies, speculations are that the two establishments might want to stay closer to each other, especially because they’ll have reached a point of benefitting from each other.

Earlier in the month, Sportradar had extended the working period of its contract with Tennis Australia. It will continue to supply the Australian Tennis body with data for its sports betting activities as well as encoding technology for the data. It will also be supplying integrity services to the tennis body.

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of states legalizing sports betting. As a result, more and more casinos are set to come up to provide both mobile and land-based sports betting activities. It was in this line of thought that Intralot felt the need to forge a partnership with a company with similar goals as theirs, as early as now.

This will allows the company to fully maximize on the rising business opportunity. Byron Booth, Intralot’s interim chief executive told the press that they are excited about the newfound working relation.

They hope the deal will help them continue providing excellent services to its customers, who are their first priority. They hope the future brings them good tidings. On the other hand, Neale Deeley, vice president of US sales and gaming at Sportradar, gave a statement saying they were honored for the confidence Intralot has in their skills.

It is in its mission to provide Intralot with high-quality services so they can also do the same to their customers. They hope the new deal will help both companies grow and expand in the US.

Intralot is a Greek company that was founded in 1992. It acts as both a lottery vendor and a lottery operator. It is present in over 53 countries and has a staff of not less than 5,400 people. Intralot is estimated to be worth 1.021 billion pounds with a net annual income of 108.6 million pounds.


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