Betfred’s dream to spread its sports wagering services into the Pennsylvanian market has finally become a reality. Rumors were that the business has been eyeing the Pennsylvanian market but lacked the channel to enter the market.

There’s no clear record as to what other potential businesses were in Betfred’s priority list. What is clear is that the company has struck a deal with Wind Creek Casino and Resort Bethlehem and will soon launch its operations.

According to a news report at, Bookmaker Betfred has just completed all the paperwork necessary to operate in Pennsylvania. This deal with Wind Creek allows the company to roll out services including online sports wagering, as well as operate mobile or retail sports betting services.

However, the current opening into Pennsylvania is viewed as just the beginning, as Betfred’s long term goal is to eventually establish its operations across the state. As of now, the company will be running a brand sportsbook facility. Online betting and mobile wagering in other parts of the state would then follow.

This move was largely influenced by Betfred USA Sports division, which specifically facilitated the signing of the deal by Betfred. The agreement requires both the companies to ensure compliance with the state’s regulation. Betfred also has the task of doing extensive marketing to prove its participation in netting more customers and not just relying on the current customer portfolio.

In congratulating the partnership, James Dorris, the president of Wind Creek pointed out that his company is well aware of Betfred’s potential. That his team is confident that under the experience and leadership Betfred will help open newer markets for both the companies.

On the other hand, Mark Stebbings in his statement highlights that the fact that Betfred has been a track record of providing sports wagering services in the United Kingdom for five decades, is a sure investment to the partnership, as both will share their expertise.

He added that the collaboration aims at providing value and top-notch service to bettors. And that high standard of professionalism should be experienced both online and by on-premise visiting customers.

Immediately after the official launch, the schedule is that Betfred is active in full operation in Colorado and Pennsylvania. As part of her package, Betfred promises to bring in new sports betting technology that will help the two entertainment giants dominate their target markets.

Part of the arrangements in the upcoming grand opening is planned to have over 80 screens, 22 lounging chairs, 10 recliners and 5 high tables. The proposed launch venue is the company’s own 8 500 square foot property, which is pretty huge. Before then it is expected to have food service and a full bar for additional entertainment.

Bryan Bennett, who occupies the post of a chief officer at Betfred USA, welcomed the move saying that this would open more doors for partnering. Grand Falls’ chief on the hand said that although their Sportsbook is already loved, they are eagerly looking forward to adding Betfred’s Sportsbook to their collection.


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