Not everyone is onboard with the sports gambling trend in the US and Maine is facing some detractors. Governor Janet Mills for one opposes legalization.

Sportsbooks will not soon be popping up across the land if she had her say. Oddly enough, she prefers spelling bees. But others disagree. The legislature has overturned her veto.

It is not over yet – but close as a new bill is pending. A sponsor, Senator Louis Luchini, explains,

“People realize that the illegal market is huge, and we’ve seen a lot of
states quickly come on board to legalize sports betting. If we don’t,
other states will get our players to go to their state.”

Mills didn’t believe there was enough support from the people of Maine to warrant legalized sports gambling. This is not likely. The senators and representatives in the legislature want to satisfy their constituents with laws for legal sports betting.

The final vote is yet to come. Just like the Senate, two-thirds of the House has to approve overriding the veto for the new law to stand.
Governor Mills will then have to go with the flow. The first-term governor states,

“Before Maine joins the frenzy of states hungry to attract this market, I believe we need to examine the issue more clearly and better understand the evolving experiences of other states for a thoughtfully determination of the best approach for Maine.”

As a voice of reason, she advocates balance. She has her eye on protecting youth from gambling excess.

Should the Legislature override this veto, or should Legislature take up a similar measure next year, her administration will continue to help with drafting and analysis to best address the unique needs of the state.