Andorra is a small state located between France and Spain. It has a population of not more than 77,000 individuals. One interesting feature about the microstate, is that the state is not home to any gaming venue. Gamblers from the state therefore have to go to other states to satisfy their gambling needs.

For some time now, the gaming regulatory board in Andorra has been seeking to change this, but to no fruition. According to reliable sources, especially casino news websites like the, the state might have to wait a little longer to have a casino operating within its boundaries.

In 2018, Andorra’s gaming regulatory body, CRAJ, announced that it was accepting proposals to build a casino in Andorra. Several gaming operators turned in their applications. In mid-2018, Jocs SA, beat its rivals and was chosen to be the one to build the first casino in Andorra.

Jocs is a small local firm that is involved in running the local bingo halls. All that remained was for Jocs to submit its paperwork and for it to be issued with a license for it to proceed with the construction. However, since then the process has not proceeded further than that.

Some of Jocs rivals in the tender competition felt the process was not fair and immediately launched a legal battle. Shortly afterwards, CRAJ denounced Jocs’ casino concession, stating that there were shortcomings in Jocs paperwork.

Jocs moved to court last June to appeal CRAJ’s decision. Jocs had pledged to build a modern day casino, worth 15 million Euros and resting on 4,000 square feet.

Jocs submitted its paperwork for a second time, after making necessary correctionsand has been waiting for a response from CRAJ until this week. On Wednesday, CRAJ announced that it will not be awarding the casino license to Jocs.

The gaming regulatory body acknowledged that Jocs had submitted revised paperwork that had corrected problems identified in January 2019. However, CRAJ still felt there was a huge discrepancy between the original agreement and the final project. This, they said was the reason for rejection of Jocs casino concession for a second time. If this trend continues there’s fear that the company have to wait longer to be able to operate legally.

Nevertheless, sources have it that Jocs is not going to be giving up so easily, not now that it already started the process. Already it has announced that it will be moving to court to seek an appeal within the 30-day window period. Immediately Jocs files the appeal, CRAJ will have two months to respond. If CRAJ decided to reject Jocs’ proposal for a third time, the two parties will have to move to the Andorran Courts.

Shortly before CRAJ’s announcement Wednesday, the Andorran Courts rejected the appeals by Jocs rivals, who were claiming Jocs had been unjust fully awarded the casino concession. Jocs responded by saying that the court ruling was an indication that they had complied with the terms of the tender.