Hilton Hotels is an internationally recognized brand with not less than 4,000 establishments all over the world. For years, it has been fighting to become the number one hospitality brand globally. Unfortunately, however, the hotel has not sat on that big seat despite having been in the market for several decades.

Yes, Marriott has been holding the position unshaken for several years now. However, according to recent rumors, and as reported by a publication in one gaming news website, CalvinAyre.com Hilton Hotels might just have discovered the right strategy to displace Marriott.

Well, even with that still, this may depend on whether Marriot’s management allows it, and if they’ve not considered to lay up new strategies to fight back.

Last week, the Hilton Hotels announced that it had forged a new partnership with Malaysia-based Genting Group after about a year of deliberations. Under the deal, Hilton will feature three of its brands at Genting’s new venue, Resorts World Las Vegas (RWLV), which is expected to open sometime next year.

Once the resort is operational, guests at the facility will have the privilege of selecting any of the three brands that they would like to be accommodated in. The three brands include, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, LXR and Conrad. Guests at the resort will also be able to redeem their Hilton Honor rewards at venue.

The deal not only marks the long awaited come back of Hilton Hotels into the Las Vegas hospitality scene, but also gives the Hilton Hotels a fighting chance for the top position in the global hospitality industry. With a total of 3,500 hotel rooms being expected to be under the Hilton brand name at the resort, the chances of displacing Marriott are high.

Hilton is not a new name in the hospitality industry of Las Vegas. It has several properties in the city under its brand name. However, a few years ago the Las Vegas Hilton changed its name to Las Vegas Resort & Casino. Since then, there has not been a Strip Hotel that has been carrying the Hilton brand. Hilton also runs operations at other Genting properties including Resorts World Bimini and a Genting Hotel in Miami.

According to RWLV President, Scott Sibella, Genting had several hospitality brands who wanted to partner with them. However, it was only natural that they choose Hilton Hotels due to its outstanding performance in the hospitality industry.

Hilton is based on values and principles that align with the resort’s vision of providing its guests with world class hospitality. Ian Cater, Hilton’s President of design and construction added that this will be the largest multi-brand that the company has ever engaged in.

They are really excited and hope that together they will be able to create a safe haven for their guests that is unbeatable elsewhere.

Sibella and his team had a busy week. Just before closing the deal with Hilton Hotels, RWLV signed an agreement with Konami Gaming. In the agreement, Konami Gaming will provide gaming control services for RWLV through its SYNKROS software.