Sheldon Adelson, the Casino titan, lobbying budget is sparking hopes that Texas might finally relent and allow swanky gaming parlors.
Adelson, Las Vegas Sands Chairman, had hired eight high profile lobbyists ahead of the new legislative sessions that are scheduled in January. Reports suggested that Adelson has poured $4.5mn into the statehouse races in 2020.

The state staring into a $4.6bn pandemic-aided budget hole, and alternative revenue sources on the legislative agenda as well.
Texas has no commercial casinos. However, a small tribal operation and some dodgy casinos as well are there in Texas. Even though the state often tries to introduce casino bills but never got any output. Racing pseudo-slots have been not materialized yet.

Sands confirmed last month that Las Vegas casino properties. It has already sold Sands Bethlehem casino in Pennsylvania, a couple of years ago. Sands would appear to disengage from the US market.

Pennsylvania and Vegas have many casinos. In case Adelson convinces Texas legislators for mega-resorts, then one of the licensees would be reserved for Sands.

This could also mean that Adelson would try to block, pro-marijuana effort. Adelson has been a staunch anti-herb, has spent millions to block the pro-pot legalization in Florida. His stance comes from a tragedy when he lost a son to a drug overdose in 2005. His wife Miriam is a doctor focused on addiction treatment.

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