Las Vegas Hotel Rooms are considered one of the most luxurious in the entire world. However, the pandemic has hit the leisure industry hard. The Las Vegas Hotel Rooms have plunged now at an all-time low.

Most of the casinos were shut due to pandemic safety during the last few months. The resort revenue has plunged as well. However, the casinos did open in July but it is still struggling to put up a show anywhere near it used to be.

The casino occupancy capacity has been reduced by a large amount due to safety protocols. The restaurants and bars are closed. Most of the Vegas casinos only week on weekends and the mid-week revenue has reduced to nothing but zero.

As per the reports, the hotel room rates have fallen by 40% in Vegas and even more in a few cases. The new low rates are alarming for the state as well, not only for the casinos. The Nevada state depends heavily on the tax collected from the casinos and with lack of revenue and lowered room rates, it is going on downhill.

For the Star Hotel Casino, the room rate has come down to $29 from $64 per night, a 54.7% decline. This is the biggest drop-in rate. However, the hotels have caveat charges or hidden charges as the room fees. Many hotels have introduced more such fees to make up for the loss.

Even though many Vegas Restaurants are closed but few are offering Thanksgiving feasts.
Maybe this is the time for the customers to enjoy the Las Vegas holidays at a crazy price.

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