Las Vegas working on a revitalization plan targeting the Downtown Vegas area. This is to ensure to bring back the life of the downtown. Downtown Las Vegas was once full of excitement. Things however faded away. However, the authorities are now trying to bring back the glory days.

The Plaza Hotel and Casino announced recently that it will expand through the development of a new entertainment venue soon. However, there is an old Greyhound Bus terminal that sits on the bus terminal. The last buses are scheduled to roll out of the parking lot in mid-2021.
The plan is that the casino will take over the property after that and turn the 48,500 square-foot terminals into an entertainment zone. It would offer entertainment, restaurants, and retail outlets. CEO of the Plaza, Jonathan Jossel termed it as one of the most important news in decades for downtown Las Vegas.

Plaza is not new to this. They have a history of transforming former public transportation properties into an entertainment zone. The primary location in 1971 of Plaza opened on the Union Pacific Train depot and even now tracks can be spotted.

The casino has also agreed to work on a four-block pedestrian walkway that is going to link the resort and the new bridge. The bridge will be funded by the city and is going to provide access to the residential and commercial development areas that are taking place in Symphony Park.

This is a mutually beneficial deal. It will boost the downtown city and also provide the casino to be more attractive and competitive.
However, it is not exactly known how much time it would take for Plaza to completely renovate the place.

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