The Americans for Nonsmoker’s Rights (ANFR) have spoken to the gambling industry that smoking during the time of pandemic when the transmission is a possibility is quite worrisome.

CEO and President Cynthia Hallett has written to Bill Miller CEO of the American Gaming Association to join her fight and end smoking in casinos.

She has asked to join the fight and deny the casinos’ taxpayers money until they are smoke-free. She did mention about Park MGM casino and its no-smoking policy in Las Vegas. She spoke about the growth of the industry without smoking as well. In the states such as Maryland and Ohio, there are permanent no-smoking policy and the revenues are growing year-on-year despite reduced capacity, she insisted.

ANFR maintains the list of the casinos which are smoke-free. The website has called out the Tribal Casinos which have reopened as smoke-free.

She argued that this is the right time. The casinos are temporarily following a no-smoking policy, due to COVID19 measures in states like Pennsylvania. The revenues are stable and the employees are COVID free thanks to a no-smoking policy, she said.

AGA has little power to do anything, but of course, they can join Hallett in her fight. AGA has so far refused to comment on the letter and the policy.

Her fight might get some air now. Las Vegas further restricted smoking in the wake of COVID19, and Pennsylvania is looking to restrict smoking at the casinos. Well, the COVID has changed the world in many ways, and probably the chain-smoking at the slots is one of those changes as well.

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