NFL Season is winding up and the normal season of NBA is also ready to kick in. The official start of the season is on 22nd December, the only couple of months after the LA Lakers were crowned the champion.

The Bodog Sportsbook is still witnessing the majority of action on Football and college football, make no mistake, the NBA is going to make things difficult.

The past weekend saw 70% of wagers on Bodog on NFL and NCAA football, 48.54%, and 21.54% respectively. NCAA Men’s Basketball (NCAAB) came next by grabbing 18.08% of the action. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) took fourth with 3.08%. NBA’s pre-season weekend action pulled down to 2.01%.

Soccer is finding interest with the Bundesliga, the Premier League, La Liga, and E-Soccer combining 5.4% of the bets. The Chinese Basketball Association picked up 1.36%.

As far as most action is concerned NFL and NCAAF are topping the chart. However, the wagers are going towards more NBA and NCAAB.
The Cleveland Browns and New York Giants faced off last weekend, and the Browns walked away with a 20-6 victory. The game saw 20.2% of the wagers on Bodog and topped the leader board on the sportsbook.

The New Orleans Saints and Kansas City Chiefs met this weekend as well. Drew Brees returns for the Saints after suffering 11 broken limbs. The Chiefs were expected to win, and they didn’t disappoint but managed hardly. Saints came too close and lost the game 29-32.

The Green Bay Packers took on Carolina Panthers and the game garnered quite an interest on Bodog and grabbed 10.89% of the wagers. Packers won it 24-16.

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