Even though different neighboring states are opening up to the prospect of sports betting, Kentucky has not shown any intentions. At a time when the pandemic has crippled the economy or slowed it down, the sports wagering could have been a huge boost. The other states are getting the benefit of it. Kentucky is however happy with what they have.

The lawmakers didn’t do much in last year’s legislative assembly. The new season has started this year on Wednesday and it looks like Kentucky is not going to discuss much this time around as well.

The Senators and House of the Representative are keen on discussing betting but are more content with the idea of horseracing, the traditional betting of Kentucky. However, they do not really understand the difference between racing and sports betting. Sports betting could become a lifeline for Kentucky but the legislators are oblivious to it so far.

Governor Andy Beshear has perfectly summed up the situation and said that lawmakers have done very little so far in this context and due to this Kentucky is now at a competitive disadvantage.

Since the Supreme Court reversed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act 1992, lawmakers have defined their frameworks around sports betting. Virginia, a neighbor of Kentucky is due to issue the first gambling license soon. When that happens, five of the neighbors of Kentucky would have legalized sports betting. This is detrimental to the state revenues as people can easily cross state borders or use offshore sportsbooks to use the betting services of other states.

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