The COVID19 restrictions are raging through Las Vegas. It has now turned into an abyss of coronavirus thanks to the New Year Evening Partygoers. The condition is so pathetic that a health official said, that anyone who came to the party might be infected with the virus. The health official said that they might be spreading the virus now unknowingly.

Now the officials have recommended avoiding Sin City to further arrest the spread of the virus.

The COVID19 experts suggest that there might be cases where the patients are not showing any symptoms and they are spreading it. He suggested that the NYE party-goers might get more than they bargained for. The governor issued a notice prior to New Year Eve and said that it is a risk to go out. However, a huge crowd gathered and further escalated the situation.

Nevada has placed restrictions on the gathering of 50 people even during the New Year celebrations. However, various images depict that there were a lot more people gathered in clusters, and many of them without masks celebrating the new year.

Commenting on the entire fiasco as irresponsible, Governor Steven Sisolak said,

“To organize or promote gatherings with the tickets or fee as if it’s business as usual, that’s just plain irresponsible. The science prevails, and the science says the more people in a gathering, it is guaranteed that a portion is going to have COVID, either symptomatic or asymptomatic.”

Eyewitnesses said that the streets were filled with people without a mask in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is part of Clark County in Nevada. Almost one-third of the state population resides here. On the other hand, it has recorded 2424 deaths among 3210 of the total state’s death due to coronavirus. The health officials are monitoring the situation and the residents have asked to be extra cautious. However, the experts believe that a huge surge in cases would not be a surprise.

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