Nevada Casinos might come back to the business with more customer confidence. Governor Steve Sisolak has announced that the casino employees will be on top priority for the COVID19 vaccines. They have been put on Tier I lane.

The casino employees are in the same priority of vaccination as other essential workers, like government employees, teachers, food service, health staff, and airport workers. This is almost 25% of the Nevada workforce.

The prioritization of the casino employees has made things very clear for the state. The struggling gambling industry can come back to its feet and the struggling economy can start recovering. The gambling officials say that the vaccination of the casino employees can bring the confidence of the customers back.

It seems that the strategy is quite clear and evident. One can come to the airport where all the employees are vaccinated and then end up getting into a resort where the employees are vaccinated again. The authorities say that the general fear of COVID is generally tackled by this.

Virginia Valentine, President of Nevada Resorts Association said that the more people get vaccinated in Nevada, the lesser the transmission becomes in the community. It will provide peace to the mind of the visitors and thus effective decisions can be made for traveling.
The workers are required to apply online for vaccination. The authorities have cautioned that even though only 25% of the workforce is trying, but it may take some time to get a spot.

The first step for stabilizing the Nevada economy is to vaccinate casino employees. It seems the state is going in the right direction.

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