AdInMo, the in-game advertising monetization platform known for integrating ads into mobile games in a non-intrusive manner, has allied with leading financial technology company, ZBD, to pioneer the first-ever Rewarded InGamePlay Ads for gamers and developers. This innovative partnership offers instant Bitcoin rewards to players for engaging in immersive display and video ads within their gaming experience.

With AdInMo’s InGamePlay brand, ads are seamlessly inserted into the gameplay, creating non-disruptive revenue streams for numerous developers while enhancing the overall player experience. This unique collaboration will enable developers and publishers to share in-game ad revenue with their players in the form of micro Bitcoin payments, powered by ZBD’s advanced Bitcoin Lightning technology. This fusion of rewarding monetization tactics and innovative in-game formats aims to boost player engagement and retention.

AdInMo’s CEO and Co-founder, Kristan Rivers, stated that their intention has always been to innovate, and their fundamental goal remains enhancing player experience. Blending in-game brand experiences with player rewards is a first in the games industry. As excitement builds for the collaboration with ZBD, Rivers envisions a more engaging and rewarding environment for gamers. This, in turn, increases the value of the gaming audience to advertisers, premised on heightened attention and engagement metrics, creating a symbiotic win-win scenario.

Notably, Square Enix’s Ludo Zenith noted an 82% ARPDAU increase post integrating ZBD rewards. Similarly, Fumb Games’ Bitcoin Miner has seen a massive hike in user retention on the 30th day, to more than 10 times its usual rate. ZBD plans to extend its rewarding approach to player attention during gameplay, expanding its existing tactics to aid in mobile games monetization and retention.

This new arrangement has been made available to participants of AdInMo’s developer community beta program. Being part of AdInMo’s existing SDK means no extra integration is needed. Developers can easily choose to enable Bitcoin rewards for their titles and determine how they wish to share the revenues with their players, with rewards funded directly from viewing ads in-game.

With a common mission of driving enhanced performance for the games industry, ZBD’s Chief Strategy Officer, Ben Cousens, expressed the company’s excitement at its first deep integration with in-game advertising technology, adding that AdInMo’s non-obtrusive strategy aligns perfectly with their values. Citing the model of rewarding players with ad revenue shares as a phenomenal success driver for all partners, Cousens foresees this approach as the future of free-to-play engagement.

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