The latest research conducted by premier iGaming technology provider, SOFTSWISS, reveals that Asia leads the online high-stakes market, while Europe is recognized for its superior financial performance and revenue generation.

Data amassed from SOFTSWISS’ Casino Platform data analysis revealed that VIP gambling is most prevalent in Asia. In contrast, Europe continues to obtain the top spot for financial performance among global markets. Information was gathered from various client projects across Asia, Europe, and Latin America, covering a period from September 2022 to August 2023.

Asia’s technological advancement has resulted in an impressive rise in the average bet size recorded in the online gaming space. The average wager in Asia was reported to be 2.5 times higher than that of Europe and four times that in Latin America. Furthermore, 71.6% of bettors in Asia prefer mobile placements, highlighting Asia’s domination in the advent of mobile gambling technology. The preferred game is slots, making up over 80% of all games played.

Meanwhile, Latin America, a growing hub for iGaming, stakes the lowest bets among the three regions. Similar to Asia, mobile gambling in Latin America is preferred, with over 69% engaging in this method, a figure slightly higher than Europe. Female players account for 17.4% of active players. According to Darya Avtukhovich, the head of SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, Latin American bettors showcase a distinct affinity for sports betting, with soccer being a primary focus.

In contrast, Europe has a significantly higher number of active players than Asia and Latin America – eight and eighteen times more, respectively. Mobile betting is favored by over 68% of European active players, and the continent leads in female player representation with an 18.11% stake. The high female engagement arises from women’s substantial participation in the continental economy. Slots remain the most preferred game among Europeans, followed by card games and roulette.

SOFTSWISS Sportsbook recently announced expanding its client network through a milestone partnership. Notably, SOFTSWISS, earlier this year, released a report highlighting the advantages of incorporating artificial intelligence tools in the iGaming sector.

Kadin Taim is a web journalist and news enthusiast. He has been writing about casinos, politics and technology. An avid casino enthusiast, Kadin has done his Masters in Finance and Bachelors in Journalism.
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