In an audacious series of events, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer named Caleb M. Rogers has been handed a 12-year federal prison sentence, following his conviction for the theft of $164,000 in three casino robberies. This came after a distinctive clue unlocked his identity, his unusual gait, noticeable even under the mask and dark clothing he wore whilst committing these crimes.

The first robbery took place at 4 a.m., November 12, 2021, at the Red Rock Resort and Casino. Intimidating the cashier with an assumed concealed weapon, Rogers made off with over $73,000. Neither his face nor the weapon was seen by anyone, but security camera footage spotlighted his unique stride.

Rogers’ crime spree continued through the next three months, involving two more heists and accumulating sum of $164,000 before he was finally arrested. The judge has also ordered three years of supervised release after Rogers completes his prison sentence. While the third robbery escalated with Rogers threatening casino staff and security with his service firearm, no casualties were reported.

The subsequent thefts demonstrated a consistent modus operandi. The second melodrama saw him successfully pilfering $11,500 from the Aliante Casino and Hotel in North Las Vegas on January 6, 2022. His notable gait was again recorded by surveillance cameras.

His final episode took place at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino sportsbook where, in a fit of desperation, he threatened employees transferring cash to drawers. Frantically climbing over the counter, shoving an employee, and yelling threats, Rogers snatched nearly $79,000 before fleeing as an alarm was triggered. “This isn’t your money. It’s not worth losing your life over,” Rogers retorted as he made his hasty exit.

In the ensuing chase, Rogers was tackled by security officers but brandished a silver revolver in self-defense. Although he had tampered with its serial number, the firearm was soon identified as an issued weapon for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Interestingly, the stumbling pursuit revealed Rogers having difficulty running, perhaps due to an issue with his left leg.

Following a thorough search of Rogers’ premises, eviction and past-due notices were discovered alongside forms detailing a knee injury sustained in 2019. This identified a motive: Rogers was burdened by debts, likely due to a gambling addiction.

Rogers was ultimately found guilty of three counts of robbery and one count of brandishing a firearm during a crime at his trial, for which he faced up to 20 years for each robbery and a life sentence for the firearm conviction. Despite his career choice, Rogers didn’t receive leniency from the court. His convictions are currently planned to be appealed, and those close to him hope that this will be a turning point in his life, marking a “season of change.”

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