5 Billionaire Super Rich in Business Casino

Industry casinos offer lucrative profits are not a figment. Some businessman in the casino has proved reaping money amount to hundreds of trillions of dollars from the business. As quoted by Forbes, Thursday (16/01/2014, not only Las Vegas, one of the special administrative region of China, Macau is also a barn wealth for business casinos in the country. Understandably , gambling in Macau is already a legal activity since the 1850s during the reign of the Portuguese.

In the report the richest people in the latest casino business Forbes, a businessman from Las Vegas, Sheldon Adel successfully register his name in the first place . Obviously, he has scored a total wealth of $ 39 billion. Unlike the previous year, in early 2014, there are two new names that adorn the list of the richest people in the casino business. Here’s 5 largest businessman with a total wealth in casinos:

1. Sheldon Adelson
Total wealth: US $ 39 billion
The explosion of the casino business in Macau has helped Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson through successful companies Vanetian Macau. Its shares jumped by 75% in Hong Kong through another company, Sands China. Fluttering and soaring stock price by more than 50% last year.

2. Lui Che Woo
Total wealth: US $ 21 billion
Galaxy Entertainment shares owned by Lui soared last year. The surge in the value of the shares managed to deliver Lui to position two games richest businessmen in the list of richest people in Hong Kong. Lui also recorded holds the largest stake in the six operations in Cotai Strip Macau.

3. James Packer
Total wealth: US $ 6 billion
Packer led the Crown who run the casino business in Australia and the combined company Melco Crown in Macau. Melco Crown shares in his hand jumped to a two -fold last year. No wonder in early 2014, Packer won the third position in the list of richest people in the business field.

4. Pansy Ho
Total wealth: $ 6.8 billion
Not only managed to become the richest woman in Hong Kong, she is also the most wealthy businesswoman in the business world casino. Most of his wealth comes from MGM China, the result of its joint venture with MGM Resorts which releases its shares to the public in 2011.

5. Kunio Busujima
Total wealth: $ 5.2 billion
Previous Kunio with his family managed to rank fifth in the Forbes list of the Japanese conglomerate. He is CEO of pachinko game machine maker, Daichi Sankyo. The value of shares of the company successfully jumped to nearly 50% last year.

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  1. Wow! gambling business is flourishing very much impressed by the billionaire list.

    • Yes you’re right shirish5 but don’t forget how struggle they’re to build this business from zero.

    • Sheldon Adelson is very rich, but he had to work very hard and he had to get many risks to get that money. sometimes he was back to zero and start again from scratch.

  2. So the conclusion is, Gambling is not only welfare a person, but it can build a nation, perhaps in the future it can build a continent. Who knows.

    • Maybe this your conclusion bernardbear but we can’t enforce your opinion and conclusion to other. Cause different heads will be different opinion.

  3. I hope this year first position will be taken by the owner onlinecasino.us

    • it is possible, nothing is impossible for hardworking

      • You’re right @kakafay nothing impossible but if you want fast money, casino is the right places. Offcourse it’s need strategy and emotion control to be winner.

    • Wow i just realized if you mention about the owner onlinecasino.us became the Super Rich people in the world for this year. I think that’s good hoping and i hope it’s came true.

  4. Interesting article about the world of gambling, you can add insight and perhaps also the motivation for someone who wants to start this business

    • You’re right bewox, cause it is one of the goals why I wrote this article

  5. very fatastic all of this turns out gambling business; in addition to bring in foreign exchange for the country from the tax, create new jobs, it also creates a billionaire world class figures.

    • Yups your reason is also fantastic Sugih Lim cause you mention the foreign exchange for a country. But did you realize how many crime will follow the gambling Sugih Lim? Even gambling is not crime for me.

  6. Wow, very impressive information and good motivation. I hope to reach some their level some day and hope this site helps me achieve that.

    • Thanks @kunius, I hope you can achieve what you want.

  7. Really it is, Gambling which has a power that can change the world. Who wanna try?

    • Bright, I thought everyone want to change his life better in economical so every people in the world must be need money as long as they life. But just a little people in the world choose gambler for way of life with different reason i think.

  8. Great post Dado, really motivational. Maybe one day i’ll start my own casino..

    • Thanks for your appreciation othentiq, I hope someday your casino is exist it’s an honour if you invited me.

  9. Incredible!.. so who says gambling makes poor?, depending on how see and do. View a list of the richest people in Macau will be a motivation for us to achieve the dream. One time we can definitely like them.Thank you

    • Your comment is surprised alie, maybe some people gambling make them poor because don’t know how to managed and play it. If you looking forward gambling is same like employee who work in office everyday.

  10. Yes I agree with alie,, because no dream is too high, if we have the courage to pursue them

  11. This shows the profit that can be made by gambling. People are shining in this business and getting richer day by day. This can be the future of the world as this contains a lot of money. Gambling is just awesome.

  12. I’m sure there’s so many super billionaire from gambling business outhere, but they dont reveal themselves. 5 super billionaire that dado wrote above probably just the tip of the iceberg

    • Offcourse bernard out there many billionare don’t reveal themselves. But what i put in this article is the most popular people success in Casino Business you can check it by google. If you mean another super billionare, i think you can put in your blog not in OC

  13. wow unbelievable, does anyone know how much start-up capital to make a casino? hehe

    • I think it still secret how much money to develop Casino but i can average it start from billions dollar for medium casino.

  14. WOW incredible !!
    they are examples of hard workers who are not afraid of doing business and are not afraid to face any problems

    • Thank you kakafay, you’re right they are hard workers, strugle, never give up in bad condition and offcourse i believe they aren’t easily discouraged

  15. Do You want to open a casino, mbach? Well, as far as i know, usually the casino owner was a wealthy man before they open it. So they start a casino using a capital they owned from their other business or a join venture with their relation. Or they just a business operator from the huge capital owner who dont want their name expose. in this case (maybe) a cartel. If you want to open an online casino, you can start it anytime, as long as you can pay the liscence and the online gaming developer. 😀

  16. I’m agree with you bernardbear, but even so, if we want to open an online casino, we still need an initial capital to be the bookies and sponsors to maintain the stability of our financial capital

  17. Do not see what they can achieve now but see their struggle to gain it all…please be wise to gambling in your life

    • Thanks Lier for your valueable comment and you’re so wise can looking from other side about history/article

    • can achieve now but see their struggle to gain it all…please be wise to gambling in your life.Thanks Lier for your valueable comment and you’re so wise can looking

  18. Gambling business is a combination between dilligence, bravery, instinct, and intellectual. Anything more than that is better, but anything less then that, don’t even think about gambling business..

  19. As with the tobacco industry and tourism of a country , the casino business has been based industry has the potential to increase foreign exchange and attract foreign tourists , both for the businessman and his country .

  20. Who is the big boss of gambling in the country Indonesia..??

    • Good question uban_avatar but i’m sorry i don’t know the big boss of gambling in Indonesia. Perhaps another member from Indonesia can answer it.

      • or may have been there a great gambler from Indonesia ?

  21. Perhaps Mr.dado or else it could explain a little
    , Do hongkong has a casino as well as Macau … ?

    • Thanks Rudz, maybe you’ll found answer from google or maybe from another member come from Hongkong can explain it.

  22. here is the richest and greatest person who has gained a lot of name and fame in the world of gambling.one should have respect towards a person like him.

  23. crowded, glamorous casino in china might be inspiration for the film God of Gamblers, with the set of magnificent, luxurious and starring the famous artist hongkong and pull the theme of the film shows a person’s success in the world of gambling / casino

  24. Yes congratulations to the owners. But also remember that their wealth is dependant upon your lack of knowledge about casino’s.
    So do everything thing possible to learn from others before giving up your hard earned money.

  25. @Ardodd ! You are absolutely right. I agreed with your sentences. Of course they are all rish now a days just due to every single gambler, either he / she is always a winner or looser. In both cases, casinos get profits. I think so… May be I am wrong for the prediction. If Yes? Then correct me @Ardodd !

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