8 Reasons Online Gaming is Booming

Anyone dealing with the realities of everyday life also enjoys the much needed escapism that comes with reading a booking, taking a flight, or even now online gaming. It allows them to safely delve into the hearts and minds of others, and activate one of their many alter egos. Some people even prefer the experience over going to a movie or club, saying it is more enjoyable and cost effective in the long run.

And what happens if you get the feeling of nostalgia from looking for the classic games of 25-30 years ago, like Tetris or Scrabble. Good luck finding and buying them for each new gaming system out there, but you will have a better chance finding a free smartphone app or website. If you just want to connect with people in a casual and friendly way or pass time while waiting to pick up a food order, there are options out there for you. In fact, there is something for everyone. Online gaming options covers all devices from Smartphones to Tablets to PC’s. Here are the top 8 reasons online gaming is booming:

It’s a community – The internet has unlocked a whole new world that you can build to your liking. Gaming online gives you unlimited opportunity for teamwork and social interaction. Making new friends who have share that competitive drive and determination has never been easier.

Its a sport

– Online Gaming has become a league of its own. You have an ever growing viewing community in different segments that rivals that of NFL or FIFA. It’s also serious competition for people who form teams across continents and participate in tournaments around the world.

Huge Target Audience – Mainstream companies are growing more attracted to how the advertising can further strengthen their brands popularity. Gamers come in all shapes and sizes and marketing isn’t just for younger people anymore. People over the age of 35 tend to play more games online as they spend more time on their computers and smartphones. Companies like Facebook and Twitter both receive great benefits from developing and marketing various games online since casual and social games are the largest portion and the most played of all gaming types.

Free Games – There are tons of free options for online gaming allowing you to get started anytime. Instead of paying $59.99 for the latest game, companies have figured out they can benefit just as much or more in other ways. Instead, a lot of games give you points and rewards for inviting your friends or committing to additional game time. And while some games are only free to download, not to play, it’s not unlikely to find a game you can thoroughly enjoy for $5-$10.

Use Your Current Device – Smartphones and Wireless devices have both seen major increases in usage over recent years. $300 to $400 can be a lot to invest in a new gaming console. Especially when that’s not including all the extra cool gadgets and additional games. Imagine the type of computer you could get for your total investment in gaming equipment. And while it is true that the keyboard may not naturally look like an effective gaming controller, it’s become a preference for many people. Although you may have more keys to learn, this also gets you much more control over detailed play and execution.

Better Graphics – Upgrades to technology are never-ending, and your gaming experience can be as advanced as you want it to be. While your console may be limited to the technology of that generation, online gaming gives you plenty of options to upgrade your monitor, speed, or sound. It’s up to you and your device.

It’s Never Ending – Once upon a time, the utopian idea of a Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) was only achieved by your friends or siblings agreeing to make it happen at once. Now all you have to do is sign in and you’re all already there, connected and together. And so many of the games are designed to keep you active and playing, as opposed to just trying to get to the end. For highly competitive players, sometimes the game just isn’t the same after you’ve beaten the storyline a few times.

Make Money – By now everyone knows the guy, aged 18-35, living with his parents, doesn’t “work” and plays video games 24/7. And the person that’s addicted to fantasy football and has brought everyone in from work, church, and school. Or the person that’s converted their laptop into a poker table with online gambling. You probably have also heard rumors that some of these people have made a career out of it. It’s a safe bet that most of those people would do it without the money involved, but it still adds a major incentive on top of finishing the storyline or beating the last level.

Traditional gaming consoles still account for the majority of gamers, and there is still huge demand for the classic single player mode with a great storyline. However, many newer games now include different modes that also require an online connection. There are multiplayer options that sometimes require 5, 10, or 20 people to play, and there are stages that are designed with more difficulty that force you to solicit help. However, as demand for these options grow, this just makes the online gaming experience that more addictive and enjoyable.

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