888 Holdings is a company that was founded in may 1997 in Israel. The main founders of 888 Holdings are Avi and Aaron Shaked, Shay and Ron Ben-Yitzhak. When 888 Holdings was founded, it was referred to as Virtual Holdings Limited. The administrative centre was later moved from Antigua to Gibraltar. Before the administrative centers were moved, the investors had already launched Pacific poker centre and Reef Club Casino.

In 2005, there was supposed to be valuation of property owned by private online gambling companies. The valuation made some companies move from private online gambling companies and became public companies. 888 Holdings was listed in London Stock Exchange because its value was estimated to be 550 million Euros to 650 million Euros. 888 Holdings had many subsidiaries and brands and so when the property was valuated again it increased to 950 million Euros. This was a clear indication that 888 Holdings was doing a great job.

A casino is a centre where gamblers meet to gamble and play games. Casinos are classified as gaming industries because people play games but the winner pockets the money. Before any game is played in a casino, there must be a bet placed and the playing parties give different types of bet like money, cars, houses or other valuable items. Casinos are not allowed to be built near social areas because it is an economical activity as opposed to social activity.

888 Casino is one of the properties that are owned by 888 Holdings. This is an online gambling site where people place their bet and win online. The people playing this kind of a game do not meet in person and therefore all their transactions are done online. This kind of a game can be played using mobile devices, tablets, computers or any other device that can connect the people gambling. Some of the games that can be played online include blackjack, roulette, baccarat and craps.

Since the formation of 888 casino back in 1997, it has become world’s most considered gambling centre. 888 casino has maintained its customers and this has generated a lot of profits to the investors. 888 casino has incorporated people over and above Arab borders and this has increased the sales of casino. 888 Casino is paying more attention to the Arab players and they have set many sites in Arab countries. Arabs is well known for advancement of technology and since 888 casino games are played online, this makes it even easier for the Arabians.

Arabic language is the language that is used in online gambling games. This language has attracted many Arabs and ended up loving the online gambling games. To make the games more interesting Arab speaking translators were employed as customer representatives who helps the players in case there is a problem or if the players do not understand something and need assistance. This really has really favored the Arab players and there is a sense of pride while playing online gambling games.

A website was created and it was translated to Arab language. The Arabians made the 888 casino gain a wide market within a short period. This is a massive success to the investors. To spice things up, the gambling game has expanded to all Arab speaking countries because the players have no in problem in locating the game. The players are so privileged because navigating through the website and playing the game has become interesting and it was made easier by the translation of the website to Arab language.

The playing machines have been decorated further to entice more customers to play the online gambling games. There are some beautiful legends that represent Arab nights and are already making rounds globally. Those nights were not known by many people but when one opens the 888 casino website, he or she is able to watch the clips. Some narratives were also downloaded to the website. These narratives are narrated in Arab language. Customer retention is the main objective of downloading all those entertainment features. Arabs did not disappoint the investors too as they gained massive markets.

Promoting the customers is also one of strategies to gain more customers and also keep your customers. 888 casino is a good promoter because once someone is gambling; you are given a special bonus. This bonus comes in terms of money and this is the best method to attract the customers. In case a player plays a game and looses, he or she is appreciated for playing the game. Where on earth will you get someone appreciating you for loosing?

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  1. Ok, another nice article, my question to authors is: can you mention which arabian country people play it the most? and is there any 888 landbase casino built in arab? if there is, where is it?

  2. this article show me a new perspective. As far as i know, the arabian strictly forbid gamble because most of the are moslem. and Islam, strictly forbid their follower to do gamble. So is this for real or just another tourist fascilities?

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