In Indonesia gambling has existed since ancient times, in the Mahabharata can be seen that the Pandavas be lost kingdom and banished to the forest for 13 years since losing in gambling games against the Kauravas.
Chicken fighting/cockfighting (Chicken fighting is a game of two chickens in a circle or ring. Usually chicken pitted up one blurred or lost , even to death . The game is usually followed by gambling that takes place not far from the arena fights) is a form of traditional gambling games and is mostly done by the people of Indonesia. When VOC (Dutch East India Company (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie in Dutch) (1602–1800), a Dutch chartered company) entrenched, to obtain a high income tax from the management of the gambling houses, the VOC government gave permission to the Chinese Kapitan to open a gambling house since 1620. The house gambling it can be inside or outside the fortress city of Batavia.
Since the time Souw Beng Kong, Chinese Kapitan first in Batavia, gambling house officially established. Souw Beng Kong not only take care of gambling but also the manufacture of coins and weigh home for Chinese goods.
He was also given the right to attract excise duty of 20 per cent of the gambling tax imposed VOCs to the owners of the gambling house
Gambling cards and dice, or also called po, quite popular among fans of gambling in Batavia. Chinese society at that time was also already introduced gambling capjiki.
Meanwhile, European or Netherlands lottery game entry Netherlands East Indies in the mid-19th century.

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  1. Dado is right, chicken fighting/ cockfighting until now in my city still ongoing.
    the gambler or chicken owner betting starting $2 – $1000
    to get price around $10.000

    • Thanks Rudz been confirmed and strengthened my article with the reality on the field. I hope this info is usefull for everyone

      • Thank you @Dado it is very helpful. Ones knowledge and thirst for knowledge of other cultures.
        I may never of known this til you told me.

  2. Gambling chicken is often held in Indonesia, the gamblers train like a boxer. Given food and nutritious drinks.

    • It’s interesting right vicbro, how the chicken owner give some treatment and we know cost for chicken treatment isn’t cheap.

  3. Now i know that indonesia has been gambling activity more than 4 century..Nice Info.Thank you Dado

    • Your welcome gozy, I created this article because as Indonesian i have curiosity about the existence of gambling in Indonesia hereditary.

  4. well, I was in the city of cockfighting activities there. most of the owners are very attentive to the condition and health of the chicken. they provide good food and good nutrition, well they treat the chicken is very good, because the chicken like a fighter that can make money for them

    • Yes you’re right @kakafay, cockfighting is famous games gambling in Indonesia around 1970’s till 1980’s. But now cockfighting move to online gambling through internet. Owner of rooster became rich if the rooster’s is winner game.

  5. Wow from the Mahabharata era gambling a very long history, which is currently preferred by many Indonesian society just gambling lottery and cock fighting.

    • Currently Indonesian people love gambling lottery (TOGEL) because it’s cheaper than you have buy rooster to cockfighting. And now arena for cockfighting is more difficult in Indonesia.

      • You know, actually cockfighting now has gone online.. using a streaming video, how interesting

        • You’re right bernardbear, i already founded some site gambling based on cockfighting.

  6. usually in a gambling game using living things is the racing and agility, I just know their animals, especially gambling fight “chicken !!” 😀

    • Although it just a rooster, but it will fight to death, it will do what it master want. Its loyalty, and bravery are legend. And we dont need to angry if someone call us a chicken.

      • What you mention about “chicken” in this topic is different thing @bernardbear. If someone called “chicken”, i think he should be angry because it means he don’t have bravely soul. But if you called by someone “Rooster” thats a good cause it mean you’re brave like the Rooster.

    • Yups alot of traditional gambling based on racing, agility or fighting is used animal in the past. Just for your information mbach, i’m not sure which country uses snail to ambling based on animal racing.

  7. Yes, gambling is a part of human life from ancient ages gambling is one of the reason for the war of Mahabharata.

    • Thanks shirish5 to strengthened my article content . Surely in your country Mahabharata is a phenomenal story as well as in Indonesia.

  8. And dont forget forget to mention about indonesian national lotto back to 80’s to 90’s th. They called it porkas, sdsb. the government camouflaged it with the name of social charity.

  9. And even the ancient china gambling is very popular at indonesia. Game such totobet, the qiu-qiu (domino based gambling), capsha etc.

  10. The fundamental gambling system at indonesian actually plant since they were kid. For example, every kids at infonesia play marble. And if they play against their friend, the winner will take the opponents marble. Sound familiar? Yes, it is gambling.

  11. should gambling in Indonesia inaugurated in order to add foreign exchange for the country.

  12. Finally i know about gambling history in my country. Beside chicken fighting/cockfighting (in Bahasa is Sabung Ayam) there is another traditionall betting like dog and wild boar (pig) in Medan. Thank you OC for publish this article

  13. If dug deeper still, there are many types of gambling that even been done by the children in Indonesia. For example, throw a picture card. If the cards fall with an open condition, he wins, if the cards fall closed, he lost.

    • You’re right M40N3, if i’m not mistake we call the game “cangkulan” right?

    • I think his name playing “gambaran”, other than by way of throwing it, they can also be played by placing the card in the palm of each, then clapped each other palms where the card is placed, or we call it “tos-tosan”

      • Oops it’s look like i give wrong answer. Thanks @kakafay to correct my answer. I’m just forget what the spesific name for the game.

  14. There are so many kidsplay that most people doesnt realize that it was a fundamental gambling game, created by their ancestors. Games like stone-scissors-paper, monopoly, domino, even the kids song like “the the wheels on bus goes round and round” some people connect it with “the wheels of fortune”

  15. cockfight gambling in Indonesia is still a lot of it, especially in the regions.

    There are even officers who participated.

    is the same as betting on boxing.

    • Officers participated betting in chicken fighting/cockfight? It’s surprised but what officers do you mean?

  16. Ow, there’s an interesting sports bet at the island of madura, near the bali island, indonesia. It call karapan sapi or in english “bull racing”. A race that taking place at muddy paddy fields. A traditional form of an offroad sport.

    • Yes you right bernard, actually i prepared about “karapan sapi” in another article.

  17. automatically, every game or match in a country with a winning percentage of 50:50 by every gambling enthusiast it will be popularized and accompanied with a bet. 🙂

    • i would like to make an assumption that gambling will have a 100% chance! A 100% chance to win or a 100% chance to lose. Do you agree Mbach

  18. Thanks for sharing this informative blog.

    thing which I Know is That Some Chinese gambling games are very famous within Indonesia.
    Am I Right

    • You’re right shahzadmalik not just chinese games like mahjong but chinese culture in Indonesia is blended. You can see this in another history about Indonesia.

  19. life is currently done as gambling, as a loser or a winner, select the path to hell or heaven.

    • yes i totally agree with your uban_avatar, unconsciously in our lives has made a gamble whether the life we choose will make us enter into heaven or hell

      • you’re both right but remember sometime we faced with many kinds of problem. Some people in the world sometime will be desperate in life.

        • desperate in terms of what you mean Dado? whether they are desperate to gamble or about their lives outside of gambling?

          • Offcourse about life mbach not about the gambler life but ordinary people. For the gambler desperate is forbidden word. So just a little people know about this.

          • Maybe Dado mean a correlation between gambling and solve financial problem. Some people play gamble to solve their financial problem.

  20. Yes, the Chinese people give an enormous influence on the culture of gambling in the world.

    • Actually not just chinese vicbro. Indonesian influenced by another country like India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and more that i can’t write here. Because Indonesia is big country and people very humble.

  21. I do not like gambling game cockfight because like me who do not want to compete with other people and watched by many people.

    • That’s good uban_avatar, there’s still many games to gamble not just cockfighitng. You can play TOGEL or anything else which is good in your country and you want to play it.

      • Yes Mr. Dado, I love Togel games and poker, what about you …?

  22. Chicken fighting was once legal in United States. But now it is done underground and unless you know the people it is almost impossible to find one now.

  23. I have read somewhere on internet that the cock fighting and bull racing is considered very famous in the region of Indonesia.
    Moreover, few of Chinese gambling game is also famous in Indonesia.
    Now these games are the considered the cultural game or tradition of Indonesia.

  24. In my country gambling is banned according to LAW. But like Indonesia, there are still such a games which we can consider as gambling games. As mentioned in the blog about the ‘CockFighting’. This game is also very popular in many areas of my country. But personally I really hate this game. Because this game end with the death of one of the Cock. There should be different rule for this game to announce a winner or looser.

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