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Exciting events and news are booming in the world of online poker. Come Sunday, May 22, 2016, poker players and fans will be putting their bets on the table. It will occur at this year’s Spring Championship of Online Poker. Let the competition begin friends.

For the very first time, fans and players alike have the option of placing bets on Team Pros choices. And this isn’t just sitting on the sidelines rooting for your favorite candidates. This is something bigger. The Amaya Inc., group at PokerStars.com has enabled the new feature with the introduction of its 2016 Team PokerStart Leaderboard.

It’s thrilling to say the least. The new option is putting odds on the winner as provided by the group Betstars. The popular names in online poker, like George Danzer and Jason Mercier have already taken a lead in the new betting prospect. The two has since wagered a $10,000 stake amongst themselves.

It’s nerve wrecking to consider who will finish on top and who will finish last. …at the very bottom.

They won’t just win from gaming the tables and bluffing to get their way to the top. They’ll also take home a fair prize by betting on themselves if they so choose. The option doesn’t only give fans an ability profit from recreational fun. Players also have a window of opportunity.

Players can multiple their earnings with a hefty stake in themselves and for the first time! The 2016 Spring Championship of Online Poker expects to host over 30 Team Pros in a tournament of wit, strategy and high winning stakes. The 30 Team PokerStars Pros must go into battle in what will become a stunning display of risk, odds and luck. But only one will be named the victor. Only one will take the crown home.

You’ll find the leaderboard information updated on PokerStars’ blog and refreshed in reasonable intervals for the best information. Everything is displayed as the tournament progresses. All members active in the event will be posted on the leaderboard. But there are favorites that people admire and suspect will take the crown. One such person is SCOOP’s 2015 title holder, Jason Mercier.

He was also named the 2015 Player of the Year. There’s no doubt as to why.

The three events he won in 2015’s season has given him a ranked position today in a 5 to 1 ratio. Jason Mercier is also eager to reclaim his player of the year title and prestige. Who can blame him? Many think this will happen also. The thrill and excitement is obvious. The odds are risky, but the potential rewards are alluring. This enticement will be too hard to avoid. Especially as fans support their favorites while players bid and speculate on their own ability to take home the glory.

Jason isn’t concerned if he plays a for $200 or $20,000 game. According to the champion, the objective of winning is what’s most important to him. He wants to finish first. He’s also excited about his side bet listed as a $10,000 wager against George Danzer. But Danzer has four titles in the games also. And one label he has triumphs his competitor, Jason Mercier. George Danzer holds a high rank for having the most cashes in SCOOP history for any single player.

This player will be eyeing his spot on the leaderboard. …no doubt.

The player’s focus, however, is at getting better with his gameplay. The added flare in this year’s Spring Championship of Online Poker only sweetens the rush of adrenaline at the tables. The 55 held events for this year is a first also. A record first for the SCOOP we know of.

The three basic stakes of low, medium and high consist of 165 showdowns with a pool of prizes that’s guaranteed to reach $40 million to boot. It’s a three-day event that will be thrilling to see and explore. Each player’s buy in is based on each stake level. That consists of $100, $1,000 and then a high stakes of $10,000 as buy ins. Cash giveaways are available for the most successful. That’s over $100,000 in cash and ticket giveaways.

So let the show being.