A Switch in Time Slot

a-switch-in-time When it comes to i-slots, A Switch in Time is a fan favorite. For fans of time travel, this is their game, giving them the chance to go back in time to previous games or jump ahead. With 20 pay lines and 5 reels, there is ample opportunity for excitement. Throw in some free spins along the way and players are sure to go wild when they try their luck at a Switch in Time.


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* Players Can Spice Up the Action

When players like to dabble in a game for free, a Switch in Time is sure to be a pleaser, giving them a taste of what’s in store. Many like to get in on the slot action without actually taking any chances. However, for those who have to lay it all on the line, they can change their coin amounts and bet on every line. Some players feel they have to go big or go home. A Switch in Time lets them get exactly what they want out of a slot game. With every win, they’ll be back again.

* Have Fun with Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols, and Free Spins

The creators of A Switch in Time know that the only way to keep loyal players is to give them something in return. With symbols like the Hour Glass and the Lady by the Mirror to offer players a chance at going wild or having a scatter, the temptation will be too great to walk away from the fun.

* Travel Through Time During the Bonus Round

Get to the bonus round and gamers have options. They can jump to the future or go back in time. Get the right combination and it’s possible to win the game in the past or the future. The past game offers such excitement as pictures of prehistoric animals and people from long ago. From a Cave Lady to burning lava, it really revs up the fun. Things really start to heat up in the bonus round when T-Rex appears and devours the villagers. Head to the future and get ready to meet robots and cyborgs along the way. There’s never a dull moment in A Switch in Time.

* A Game for Anyone Who Likes Variety

When players are tired of the run-of-the-mill slot game, A Switch in Time definitely adds some excitement to each round of play. Many will find that staying in the present is simply not good enough. When there is a chance to face T-Rex or battle a cyborg, it’s time to jump into a bit of time travel. Fans of Back to the Future can get a taste of what it felt like for Marty McFly every time he hopped in his Delorean and ventured into the great unknown of past or future. Come back for return rounds with A Switch in Time to see what will happen next. It is curiosity that gets players every time and gives them a thrill.

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  1. This is really a cool time travel game, which gives you the chance to go back in time to previous games or jump ahead

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