Aces and Faces Poker

aces-and-facesPoker has been around for many years and continues to grow in popularity worldwide, with more and more variations than ever before. You are about to learn about a very popular and uniquely different poker game called Aces and Faces. Once you learn to play this game, you’ll never want to go back to regular poker again.


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Object of Aces and Faces

The object of Aces and Faces is to get the very best poker hand you can get so you can get the best possible payout. Aces and Faces offers the opportunity to earn various payouts, depending on what hand you get and how many credits or coins you’ve bet. In some versions of Aces and Faces you’ll allowed to double your initial bet before you draw your second set of cards.

How to Play Aces and Faces

Aces and Faces is a version of poker but with a unique twist to it. The unique feature of Aces and Faces is that the payouts are based on having aces and face cards. Whether at a table or on an online casino game, you’re initially dealt five cards. If you are dealt a good hand and don’t want to attempt to make any improvements, you keep or “hold” the cards. If not, you get or “draw” new cards.

After getting replacement cards, you’re given a payout based on what you have in your hand. The highest payout in Aces and Faces is 4,000 credits, which you would get with a Royal Flush. It’s often difficult to know which cards to hold and which ones to return.

Because the rankings of cards are slightly different than regular poker, you may want to familiarize yourself with the payout table before deciding whether to hold or draw. What might be a good hand to keep in regular poker may be in Aces and Faces.

Rankings of Cards

As with most poker or casino games, the stronger your hand, the better your payoffs are going to be. If playing with a group of people, the one with the best hand wins. When playing in a casino or online casino with just you and the dealer, the one with the best hand wins. Although you may be familiar with rankings in poker, the rankings in Aces and Faces are slightly different.

For instance, a four of a kind of aces or jacks is going to pay out higher than four of a kind of lower cards. It will also pay out higher than a straight flush, unlike regular poker. The lowest payout comes from a pair of jacks. Below you will find the rankings for Aces and Faces.

• The Royal Flush, which is an A-K-Q-J-10 of the same suit, is the highest poker hand you can get.
• Four Aces
• Straight Flush
• Four of a Kind (J,Q or K)
• Four of a Kind (Twos through tens)
• Full House
• Flush.
• Straight
• Three of a Kind
• Jacks or Better


  1. It is difficult percentage me I love playing that rely on mathematics

  2. This game seems interesting enough and i wouldn’t mind giving it a try and see how it goes..

  3. It requires strategy and technique to play it. Like Cap Sha Cards (13 cards) but here only 5 cards are played from 1 Peer to a Royal Flush (rankings).

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