Alabama Online Gambling Laws

Since Alabama has a strict, anti-gambling stance, most Alabamians have to travel outside of the state to gamble. However, since the rise of online gambling, the people of Alabama can gamble and place bets from the comfort of their living rooms. Gambling and casinos have caused quite a controversy in Alabama over the years, so many are a little leery to gamble online due to legal consequences.

Casinos have long been illegal in Alabama. While there are some Indian Bingo halls that are legal, all other non-Indian casinos have been completely shut down and are no longer operating. So if Alabama has made brick and mortar casinos illegal, then is it safe to gamble online if you’re an Alabama resident? The answer, actually, is yes, is is safe! And it is legal for now (as long as you are of age).

While Alabama law makers are not too keen on online gambling, there are currently no laws against it. Legislators have tried to ban online gambling for the state of Alabama, but none of their bills have been signed into law yet. And while, it is very likely that one day Alabama will outlaw online casinos and sports betting as well, right now there are no legal consequences for gambling on the internet in Alabama. It is safe to freely gamble on line without fear of persecution or jail time as long as the player is of the legal age.

So what is the legal age for online gambling in Alabama? The legal age for online gambling for Alabama residents can differ. Eighteen year old Alabama residents are legally allowed to play online bingo and place race track bets. However, Alabama residents who are 21 years of age or older have full access to online gambling. If you are twenty-one or older, poker rooms, casinos, bingo rooms, sports betting, and race track betting are all legal to partake in.

While Alabama is one of the worst states in America for gambling aficionados, for now gambling online in Alabama is not illegal. If you like gambling, particularly card games, then online is the way to go. The few Indian casinos that do exist in Alabama are full of slot machines and electronic Bingo machines; however if Alabamians are interested in poker, roulette, Texas Hold ‘Em, or Blackjack, then gambling online is the best way to play.

So while Alabama state officials are not keen on ANY form of gambling (even online), for now there are no laws against it and it is safe and legal. If online gambling is something you want to do, do it now, before Alabama lawmakers do make it illegal.

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