American Roulette

american-rouletteRoulette is a fun game that gives players many chances to win on every spin. Because of its great variety, Roulette is one of the most popular table games at both online and land based casinos. Picking a spot on a roulette table can be as easy as picking a number between 00 and 36 (American Version), or picking a color (red or black). However, those are not the only choices when playing either types of roulette.


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What is American Roulette?

American and European roulette are very similar games. The only real difference is the option of one extra number spot—the “00.” In the European roulette game, the table shows spots from 0 to 36 in alternating colors of red and black. American roulette players get to choose from the added 00 spot. Both the “0” and the “00” spots on the American table are the only “self-colored” slots that are not red or black that players can choose from. On the roulette wheel both “zero” spots are green in color rather than red or black. It is important to note that those two spots are also exempt from the possible “red” or “black” winning spins when that option is chose.

How to Play American Roulette

Players can simple place a bet on the number of choice that show on the table grid. Other options include:

Color: Placing a bet on the spots marked for “red” or “black.” When this option is chosen, if the ball lands on any number that has the corresponding color, the player wins.

Odd/Even: There is an option on the board for playing odd numbers or even numbers. When a bet is placed on this spot, “even” for instance, and the ball lands on any even number, the player wins.

Group bets: There are several options on the boarder of the table that allow large groups of numbers to be played. The first of these choices is a section of three spots that divide the table into three sections: top, middle and bottom thirds. These areas are marked 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12, since each section contains 12 numbers. A bet on one of these sections will win if the ball lands on any number in that 3rd of the table.

The second type of group choice is located at either side of the black/red choice. Here the table numbers are split between two groups that include “1-18” and “19-36.” If the ball lands on any number within the chosen group, the player wins.

Column Bets: This is actually a third type of group bet where the table is sectioned off at the bottom that corresponds with one of the three columns of numbers. Players can choose to double their bets on a particular column. In that group, a bet placed at the base of the column will win if the ball falls on any number in that space and pay twice the regular bet.

Playing American Roulette Online

When a player opens an American roulette table online they will see a replica of a real life table from the top looking down directly above the surface. On one side is the wheel where the ball will be spun. Bets are located along the bottom of the table where the player can select the amount of bet they want to place.

To begin the game, choose one of the chip amounts, and the click on the number or game option desired. In most cases, once a bet is placed, it will stay in place through a series of plays unless the player selects to clear the bets. To clear a bet, look for a button next to the spin button that has an “x” on it, or says clear bet. The “minus” key also clears bets from the table.

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