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A Major Downtown Project

Earlier this month, the Chief Executive Officer of Gateway Casinos and Entertainment, Tony Santo, paid a visit to Edmonton, Canada. He toured a downtown location bustling with contractors.

The site presently provides a focal point for some 150 construction workers. They labor in rotating shifts to develop a brand new, cutting-edge casino property. The premises currently awaits the addition of furniture and other furnishings. Mr. Santo assured reporters that his company would work very hard to ensure that the much-anticipated Grand Villa Casino opens there in September.

Combining Wagering And Entertainment

The new facility will involve more than the erection of a new, architecturally appealing building. The owners of the Grand Villa contemplate providing a comfortable recreational attraction for patrons. The $32 million casino will boast three brand new restaurants, plus a food court.

Other features in the four-level building will include a grand staircase. In addition to tables and slot machines, the game floor of the Grand Villa will incorporate a bar into the design scheme.

Expanded Entertainment Options

Tony Santo indicated that the new casino hopes to attract people interested in finding many entertainment options. In this sense, the establishment expects to cater to tourists, as well as gamblers. Several dining options and opulent surroundings will enhance a very well-furbished gaming facility, as will the provision of live entertainment at the site.

The Grand Villa expects to supply some 60,000 square feet of space. It will include private gaming rooms, an array of 600 slot machines, plus 24 gaming tables. Patrons can select amongst several dining options, then spend time attending live concerts or floor shows. They won’t find themselves confined to wagering activities alone for amusement.

Revitalizing Downtown Edmonton

The presence of the Grand Villa Casino promises to benefit downtown Edmonton. The new business will bring some 200 jobs directly to the community. In addition, nearby businesses will likely also benefit as a result of the influx of more visitors attracted to the downtown area.

The Baccarat Casino, also owned by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment, plans to close when the Grand Villa opens. One city councilman noted that the new casino will provide a larger, more upscale venue for visitors.

Exciting Dining Venue Selections

The new Atlas Steak and Fish Restaurant in the Grand Villa will accommodate large numbers of diners in a luxurious setting. It adjoins a huge private dining room. Other facilities include a pub, a more informal venue. Visitors interested in obtaining fast food can visit the food court for quick snacks.

The owners of the new casino hope that adding a variety of dinner options will enable the Grand Villa to appeal to a diverse audience. The Baccarat Casino possessed only a single restaurant. On June 15th, Gateway Casinos and Entertainment sponsored a community job fair in Edmonton to hire many workers for the new facilities.

Reflecting a New Trend

The attention paid to developing a multitude of entertainment options at the Grand Villa may reflect the growing sophistication of the gaming industry. Globally, by 2022, experts expect the international gaming sector to blossom into a $635 billion marketplace.

Many casino operators have sought to find ways to appeal to the important Millennial demographic as they work to enhance revenues. Upgrading facilities and adding a variety of dining and live entertainment options represents one strategy for accomplishing this goal.

Attracting Tourist to Downtown Edmonton

The construction of the Grand Villa close to the arena in downtown Edmonton, coupled with the addition of new restaurants and additional live floor shows, may well enhance the city’s appeal to the tourism industry in the future. As a gateway to many of Canada’s outdoor Rocky Mountain recreational activities, the community appears well-situated to benefit from these trends.

Potentially, residents of Edmonton will benefit, not only from the influx of jobs in the wake of the opening of the Grand Villa, but also as a result of a rise in tourism. The extent to which the new casino will draw visitors from other places to Edmonton will interest city planners and tourism industry experts in the near future. By investing resources in the Grand Villa’s construction and facilities, Gateway Casinos and Entertainment may have made a very wise contribution to the future of the downtown!