Apperance Young Gambler From Germany, Win USD 8.72 million
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China has popular and claim to have a lot of great gambling king in the world, but there may not be as powerful as Pius Heinz from German. 4 Years ago, has been published a new the young gambler.At the age of 22 years old, this German youth as the winner in a world-class poker competition in Germany. According to sources from Reuters, Heinz managed to topple his opponent Marti Staszko of the Czech Republic in a final match very tense. Heinz won a tight battle for about 8 hours after holding an ace and a king-size cards, while his opponent, Staszko holding seven cards and card number ten. Heinz had the right to take home the prize money of USD 8.72 million. Interesting before the final match, Heinz, which is the birth of Cologne, had intended to withdraw from the competition and continue his studies. But the intention is nevertheless fortunate because in the end he won the biggest tournament in the world along with the gift of millions of dollars. “This is the happiest day for me. I still do not believe what happened. It’s like a dream,” she called out shortly after winning the championship. Using a standard system of poker game “Texas Hold ’em’, Heinz directly leads the chips in the early rounds. However Staszko not stay silent and then behind the lead when they began selling the bet. 8 the next round, the game is constantly changing with the two sides mutually lead. On one occasion, winning 2-1 over Heinz Staszko and even control about 60 percent of existing chips. However, these conditions immediately changed. Heinz began to play more aggressively. Within 7.5 hours, he went on to collect 107.8 million from the previous chip that only 16.4 million. Figures are then brought him victory. Life and death battle between Heinz and Staszko in the final round of the World Series of Poker. Heinz ingenuity in play is recognized by Staszko that the competition it brings prize of USD 5.43 million. “I initially felt he was not strong, but the fact that he is stronger than I thought,” said the 26-year-old Staszko. Now with the money he has Heinz can do anything he wants, including continued his studies at the college. “To be honest I do not know what I would do with this money. Maybe I’ll give you some gifts for my family,” he concluded.