Arapahoe Park Racetrack, Aurora – Colorado

Location of Arapahoe Park Racetrack in Aurora, Colorado

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Arapahoe Park and Racetrack: The Amazing Racetrack in Aurora

If you are going to be staying in or visiting Aurora, Colorado, you have to visit the Arapahoe Park Racecourse. As the only horse racing facility left in Colorado, it is absolutely worth the time to go visit there. It is also very close to Denver,located at 26000 East Quincy Avenue in Aurora, Colorado and you can stop and visit the Mile High City after you have had your fill of horse racing and all that the Arapahoe Park Racecourse has to offer you. With parking options, four types of horses being raced, three kinds of casino games, a gift shop, a restaurant, and concession stands, this five-star racecourse, is the place for you.

When you enter the park, the first choice you get to make is whether or not to park yourself or not. They offer self parking and valet parking. Upon entering the racecourse, you can choose from watching Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Paint Horse, and Arabian Horse racing. The casino games that you can participate in are: Simulcasting, Racebook, and Horse Racing. You can view and wager on races from racetracks throughout the United States of America at their simulcast facility, equipped with mutuel windows, self-service touch kiosks, a restaurant, and concession stands. There is also a simulcast facility there, one of eight off track betting parlors in the state of Colorado. Greyhound and horse races all around the United States of America are simulcast live and you can place your bets just like you were actually at the track. If you wish to buy a gift for a friend or family member or get something to remember your trip by, you can buy any souvenir you want at their Winning Touch Equestrian Gift shop that has a lot of equine gifts for sale that include: home decor, collectibles,toys,games, auto accessories,kitchen items, party items, bar ware,stationery,informal clothing, baby items, figurines, sculptures, one-of-a-kind and seasonal items, horse racing trophies, and a lot more. They also have many events throughout their whole season to entertain their visitors.

Starting off in May, the events the racecourse has are the Kentucky Derby party, live horse racing for opening day,and Memorial Day holiday racing. In June, they have the “Mommy Meet Up”(for mothers and children), “Horse Sense/Cents with Announcer Jonathan Horowitz,” to learn about what happens behind the scenes of horse racing, a Father’s Day event, and another “Mommy Meet Up.” In July, there is another event to learn about what goes behind the scenes of horse racing, two “Mommy Meet Ups”, and another behind the scenes of horse racing event. In August, another “Mommy Meet Up” takes place, as well as a “Family Day”, and a Closing weekend of the 2015 live horse racing season featuring Arapahoe Park’s richest Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and Arabian stakes. Also, at some time during their season, there will be a permanently disabled jockeys fund awareness day. Their facilities are also available for any year round event that you may have to include business, sporting, and private events.

If you are going to host a business or corporate event, a large or small family event, sports, or any other type of private occasion, the racecourse has just what you need to host your event just the way you want it. Their price is said to be affordable and they offer private events as well as ones that provide you a guide to help you throughout your whole event. If you wish to book such an event, just call them at (303)751-5918 and they will take care of all your event needs. Their admission prices are also very affordable and well worth the trip there.

The beginning of the 2015 season is not very far in the future. It starts on May twenty-third of this year and ends on August sixteenth. Regular admission is three dollars, ages seventeen and under are free, seniors over the age of fifty-five are one dollar, and active duty military with a military ID is also free. The clubhouse tables that seat four people is fifteen dollars per person that includes a meal and ten dollars per person without a meal. The Arapahoe Park and Simulcast programs cost three dollars each and and the racing forms cost seven dollars and fifty cents. You also do not have to leave to eat there as they have concession stands on the grandstand, third, and fourth levels that are open on the weekends. The outside grill is open on Fridays and Saturdays. The bar on the grandstand level located on the third and fourth levels are open on the weekends with limited hours on Fridays. An ATM is on the third level to get money for food, gifts, and racing. They do not have any lodging on the premises, but there are nearby hotels in Aurora. They are only open certain times of the year for certain hours, so be sure to plan your trip accordingly.

The horse racing is open each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday beginning at one o’clock p.m and the season runs from Memorial Day until the middle of August. Even though their dates and hours of operation are limited, what they offer you from many types of horse racing to bet on, a variety of foods to enjoy, and a wonderful gift shop to find a memory of your trip to remember your trip there forever, you and any guests that you bring will not regret your trip to the Arapahoe Park and Racetrack.

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