Arkansas Online Gambling Laws

Online gambling laws in Arkansas are in a state of flux. In Hot Springs, Arkansas where Oaklawn Jockey Club one of the state’s 2 casinos is located, gambling of any type is allowed. However, in most other parts of Arkansas gambling is still struggling to gain a foothold. This has led many in the state to cross the border into Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Louisiana when they want to have fun playing games of chance either online or live. But many in Arkansas would love to see the money stay in state.

Many proponents of more liberal gambling laws in Arkansas point out that not only will people from Arkansas spend their money at casinos in Arkansas, tourists will come from far and wide to spend money at Arkansas casinos as well. The Arkansas Racing commission controls gambling in Arkansas. Over the years it has gradually liberalized and relaxed the rules governing gambling in the state. Now as long as you are over 21 you can legally gamble in Arkansas. For many that means having fun and spending money in the growing number of online casinos.

Online gambling is spreading like wildfire in Arkansas. Many find visiting online casinos and playing other games of chance online can be just as much fun as at live casinos and a lot less restrictive. From the safety and comfort of their own homes Arkansans can bet on a variety of games. Recently, when the state lottery attempted to expand this games offered online to include monitor games, there was some blowback from the Arkansas state legislature.

While the state lottery says the new monitor games would generate an additional $3.8 million dollars for education, some legislators called for it to be banned. Eventually cooler heads prevailed and a compromise was reached where the issue was tabled for further discussion. This gives both sides the opportunity to gather more information and come up with a solution that works for everyone involved. The issued will be debated in a general session of the state legislature while the people of Arkansas wait to see if they’ll get to enjoy the new games.

Monitor games are loved by many people because they have drawings every few minutes. This gives players more chances to win. But the people at Oaklawn Park racetrack and other power brokers in the state don’t like it. One the other side of the argument are the general public and the lottery retailers in whose stores the screens to participate in the monitored games would be located. They say it will increase state revenues significantly and will be great for business and for Arkansas. In July the legislature voted to table the matter until spring.

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