As the Reel Turn 1

as-the-reel-turn-1 As the Reels Turn is an online slot machine game with a unique story line that allows you to progress through the scenes in the game by winning on the slot machine. As with most online slot machines, you can play for real money, or just for fun. What sets this game apart however, is its compelling plot involving the casinos patrons and staff.


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The game opens with a rundown of the cast of characters that make this game so fun and quirky. You are introduced to Matt G., The Don, Ivan the Fish, and Chrissy, among many others. From the outset it is clear each of these characters have some issues that will make your journey through the lives of these lovers, losers, heroes, and villains that much more fun. The first scene of the story involves the manager of “El Paradiso” casino consulting his fish, Ivan the piranha about his next business move. After some comic relief, you get your first turn at the slots.

Playing the slot machine is very enjoyable and can lead to either lots of cheering in your chair, or sad laughter as you lose all your money. The machine itself has five wheels and fifteen pay lines. In order to activate all the bonus features you will need to bet the max on all pay lines, but more frugal players can still bet as much as they choose. In order to progress to the next cut scene, which ties together the plot and story that is the focus of the game you must line up at least 3 “Advance to the Next Scene” tiles. This makes playing the slots all the more compelling, because you don’t know how much money you will be able to win, or lose, before progressing further through the game.

In addition to the hilariously intriguing cut scenes there are several bonus rounds to play, all of which are equally hilarious and tie into the story line. From picking ridiculously tacky colors for cars to free bonus spins and deciding on “El Paradiso’s” entertainment for the evening, there are plenty of ways to earn lots of extra cash throughout the game.

As the Reel Turns is a great game and a truly unique and fun approach to the typically monotonous world of online slot machines. Tying together the spinning of the wheels with the tumultuous lives of the games goofy characters makes for a compelling experience, and one you cannot not get anywhere else.

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