As the Reel Turn 2

as-the-reel-turn-2 Interactive slots are a great way to enjoy a great slot game while also being enjoyed by a riveting story, and As the Reels Turn 2 is one of the best interactive slots currently available to play. As the Reels Turn 2 is the second episode of the extremely successful and popular action soap opera interactive slot As the Reels Turn.


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As the Reels Turn 2 is a interactive slot that features 15 paylines on five reels. If you want to experience the whole story, then you will have to continue playing the slot. There is no need to worry about losing your place in the story when you quit playing for the day because As the Reels Turn 2 will remember your place in the story when you come back to play the next day. If you forget a major portion of the story or want to see a cut scene over again, then you can access all of the unlocked scenes in the game map.

When you start playing As the Reels Turn 2 for the first time, you will be greeted with a cut scene that explains the entire story of As the Reels Turn. While As the Reels Turn featured seven different cut scenes detailing the entire story, As the Reels Turn 2 has five interactive scenes. After the first episode recap scene is finished playing, you will start playing like a regular slot machine. In order to unlock one of the five story cut scenes in As the Reels 2, you must have at least three “Advance to the Next Scene” symbols land on any of the five reels, even paylines that are not activated. After the cut scene is completed, there will be a surprise bonus round to get a chance to add more money to your winnings.

In addition to the story cut scene bonus rounds, there are also three other bonus rounds that can be triggered at any time by having the correct symbols land on any of the five reels. The first bonus is triggered when three or more Danny symbols are hit. This bonus game will have you choose which Danny character you think will be liked by the audience the most. Picking correctly will result in a bigger bonus payment. The next bonus game is triggered by landing on three counterfeit chip symbols. The counterfeit chip bonus game will have you click on different casino chips until you hit the chip that stops the game. Each chip has a different value and they will all add together in your winnings until the game in ended. The final bonus game in As the Reels Turn 2 is unlocked by having three Ivan the Fish symbols land on the five reels. This will give you 10 free spins with a triple multiplier on the winnings.


  1. The bonus round Is really hard to come, I have been playing for ever 15 minutes with no luck!

  2. Lol theking. You have to be patient when playing most slot games. Bonuses don’t come easy..

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