As the Reel Turn 3

as-the-reel-turns-3 Does your gaming experience need a little more drama, mystery and seduction? Experience the world of a soap opera star through the highly acclaimed As The Reels Turn 3. This third installment to the popular As The Reels Turns i-Slot franchise continues with the previously established storylines. Fans of this game enjoy familiar characters and symbols while newcomers experience the thrill of playing slots with a storyline.


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More Than Just a Slot Machine

As The Reels Turn 3 offers what you would expect from a high-quality digital slot machine. With vibrant colors, professional animation and wonderfully tuned sound effects, players are fully immersed into its world. While the gaming experience is seamless, it’s the storyline and various bonus round opportunities that have made this slot game so cherished.

The game progresses through various levels, or scenes, as you match three or more “Advance To Next Scene” symbols. Until these icons are matched, players enjoy 5 reels with a total of 15 paylines. With a maximum per-line bet of $1.00, winnings can be just as dramatic as daytime soap operas. Of course, it’s the bonus rounds that draw the biggest fans.

Tommy Wong Bonus Round – As the Reels Turn 3 is unique among its competitors as it features various bonus rounds. This particular round is triggered when you match three or more scatter icons. Once activated, players must guess what actor the fictional character Tommy Wong likes the best. If you’re successful, reap the rewards; however, choose the wrong actor and you’re instantly reverted back to standard gameplay.

Counterfeit Chips Bonus Round – When this bonus round is activated, players must select as many chips as possible within the given timeframe. All chips collected are converted to coins and deposited into your gaming account. This game offers an excellent opportunity to really maximize your winnings.
Slot Machine Bonus Round – Much like the previous bonus round, the Slot Machine Bonus Round requires players to select any of the random slot machines. Every machine offers a different award amount. Choose a machine with coins and continue in the game; however, select an empty slot machine and you’re returned to main playing interface.

Terry’s Car Bonus Round – In this particular bonus round, players must choose the perfect car for Terry. If Terry loves your choice, enjoy a hefty award.

As The Reels Turn 3 will satisfy those who’ve closely followed this gaming franchise. With new scenarios, challenges and bonus rounds, players will enjoy high wining possibilities along with enjoyable storylines and characters. Enhance your gaming experience with this fully interactive digital slot machine.

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