Atomic Age Slot

Atomic Age is a quirky and nostalgic video slots game that plays off of the visual style of the ’50s and the times of the great space race.

The visuals themselves, with regards to the icons, are all wonderfully simple caricatures of iconic 1950’s imagery. Every icon gits eerily well in the scope of what the items involved in the 1950’s stereotypically were. Potential payout icons include things like an ice cream float, a retro style TV, an atomic symbol, a rocket ship and more.


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The entire slots experience is framed by a wooden box outline reminiscent of the retro TV sets of the time. This creates somewhat of an immersive element to the game, augmented by the fonts chosen to display the words in the game – again, very much from the ’50s era.

Special icons key to the game in Atomic Age are the cash register and slick 50’s automobile. Having at least three of either bonus icons show up on the screen at once triggers their respective bonus rounds. Should the player receive the bonus round for the cash register, they will be tasked with selecting items off of a shelf that hopefully add up to $150. The closer the player gets to the total, the better the payoff. In the drive-in bonus triggered by the automobiles, the player is asked to match up a person, a date, and a movie in hopes of scoring a compatible match. These bonus games add on to the games earning potential and fit well within the world the game creates.

The final icon, the special free icon, is represented by the UFO. This icon works as any other free icon – matching whatever symbols it is next to from left to right and giving the player a bonus chance at getting a higher payout. The highest payout in the game is achieved by lining up five of the special UFO icons for a total of $37,500 – a total that is out of this world, much like the icon needed to attain it!

At the end of the day, any slots player looking for a comical and nostalgic experience will enjoy Atomic Age immensely. The game is basic enough for beginners, but the bonuses are enticing enough for slots veterans. While the game lacks features for free spins or multipliers like other slots games, it more than makes up for them in terms of its atmosphere and bonus earning potential. Any slots player with a free weekend should try out Atomic Age just once – it’s sure to be a blast.

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