Beloit Casino Application close to Approval

The casino business is rated among the best way to uplift the life of the residents in a region. The United States has seen the best casino company in the world. Las Vegas, in particular, is rated the place with the best casinos in the world. Business is booming in Nevada, and the economy of the whole region has gained substance over the past few years. Many other states are following suit. However, the legislation in the different states is different. In Wyoming, the process of building a casino is much complicated. The process is complex and requires various levels of approval. The state is against construction in some places, which attracts liability to the authorities. It would have to pay the people living in that area.

The Ho-Chunk and the Menominee’s of Wyoming have tabled their applications with the Governor for approval. The Ho-Chunk officials are determined to build a casino in Beloit, Wisconsin. On the other hand, the Menominee Nation is ambitious to see the construction of a casino in Kenosha. It is intended to uplift the life of the local community. The casino will create employment, and improve money circulation. Spenders will frequent the place, thus creating other businesses to support the probable demand from the revelers.

Already, Gov. Walker has decided against the application by the Menominee Nation. It is a big blow to the community. He explains that buildings Casino in Kenosha will attract liability to the state. The state will be owing to the tribe millions of dollars. Over the past years, the Menominee have been pushing for the building of an off-reservation casino in Dairyland Greyhound Park. The tribe is ambitious in its projects to better livelihood in Kenosha. It is seen as a measure to fight poverty, and raise the standard of the people living in Kenosha. Consequently, hotels will develop in the region. It is a measure to attract tourists, and anyone else that may find a place appropriate to visit.

On the same note, the Ho-Chunk has its application moved to Washington. In 2008, the tribe bought 32 acres of land to build the casino. The agreement was concluded in 2012. However, the application has hung up in Washington because of the issues relating to the project. According to the Beloit city manager, Larry Arft, the Menominee application is among the things that have caused the delay in the Beloit construction approval. He believes that the decision will now allow for the continuity of the process to the next level. The Ho-Chunk community is hopeful that lastly their chase is ending, and the anticipated benefits of the project will begin to trickle in shortly. However, after the application passes, the construction will take time. The benefits will fully be seen after a few years.

The news of the decline of permission to the Menominee was good for the Ho-Chunk community. It is so, despite that the news was not celebrated. According to the Ho-Chunk President, Jon Greendeer, it brings a conclusion to an incredible issue. He reiterated that it was not something he was celebrating.

The process of acquiring an approval is a long one. It is deliberate, so that the cost-benefit is adequately analyzed before making the decision. Otherwise, some decision-making levels may create discord. Currently, the Environmental Impact Statement for the Ho-Chunk application is in Washington DC. It awaits approval from the Bureau of Indian Affairs office before it is sent back to the BIA office. The regional office will have to make another decision in the final stages of the decisions. Based on the relationship, which the Ho-Chunk have with the state office, Greendeer is confident that the approval will be out in due time. The hope of building another casino in the city is not lost.

Among the factors considered before giving authority for the building of a casino are the benefits to the people. Since unemployment is an issue in every part of the world, construction of a casino will have an impact on unemployment to the residents of the region. However, other facts are also looked into, carefully. The effect on the environment is a fundamental issue. It is always given priority over many other factors. Any project, whose impact is environmental degradation, shall be declined without a second thought. Also, the cost the project has on the state is a fundamental issue. Projects that would make the authorities to be indebted to the residents have a high chance of being declined. It is because of the complications that will develop later in the course of the project.

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  1. No doubt ! The casino business has a great impact for an economy of a region where this business goes to build. This one is really a very very fast way to grow a economy by generating high revenues with high speed. And also at the same time this business prove as beneficial for removing the unemployment from that region. But without rules and regulations, none of the business can give you benefits. So, Government should approve casino business but under some very essential rules and regulations to prevent to economy from its bad impacts and factors.

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