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Bet 365 is one of the most successful online businesses on the internet, and numerous people use their services for gaming. In fact, the company has revenues exceeding 25 million dollars in a year. However, it has been discovered that the business has not been entirely honest with their customers. A court in Australia recently had a hearing on the matter, and Bet 365 was found guilty of dishonesty. As a result, the business has received a significant fine of nearly 3 million dollars! The dishonesty of the business involved offering free bets to customers that were very difficult for customers to be able to actually use. This essentially lured people in to bet, but people did not receive the free bets that they were expecting in a very large number of cases.

The misleading promotion was given to customers for a very long period of time. In fact, the offer was given to customers for a period of 10 months. Many new customers came to the casino, expecting the offer. The offer was 200 dollars in free bets, upon sign up. However, there were many things hidden in the fine print. The things that were hidden in the fine print made it much more difficult for consumers to actually ever have access to the free bets. First, one had to bet 200 dollars of their own money.

Additionally, gaining access to winnings was a difficult process. In fact, both the free bets and the initial deposit would need to be played in games three or more times over to actually get the winnings. This likely made it so that many people lost winnings that they had in the first and/or second times betting the funds. However, this was hidden in the fine print. Many customers were likely unaware of this rule that Bet 365 had.

Furthermore, this deceptive practice likely got many people in the door. This caused them to end up betting sizable amounts of money that the customers otherwise wouldn’t have. Unfortunately, this deceptive practice led to a large amount of financial gain for Bet 365. Many customers to the company lost sizable amounts of money, as a result. In many cases, the practices of Bet 365 likely led to serious financial suffering for their customers.

The case actually went all the way to the Australian federal courts who ruled against Bet 365. Judge Johnathan Beach seemed to feel very strongly that Bet 365 was engaged in very misleading activity that impacted upon a very large number of people. For that reason, he dealt very serious consequences to the company. There actually were two divisions of the company that faced penalties. The part of the company that operated in Australia was fined. Furthermore, the part of the company that does business in England also faced fines. In addition to facing a fine, the company also was ordered to send a letter of apology to everyone who was deceived by the company. This letter of apology was sent via email. The number of people receiving these letters is unfortunately quite high. There were nearly 75,000 individuals gaming through Bet 365, while this was taking place. Many of the people that started gaming through Bet 365 within 10 months prior to the dishonesty was discovered were tricked by the deceptive practices of Bet 365. There likely was a very large portion of the people that began gaming with them that did not read the fine print.

This is likely to have impacts upon the future success of Bet 365. While the company will be able to pay the fine, the company’s reputation is likely to suffer. Their misconduct has become extremely well known, and this is likely to deter customers from using their services in the future.

In addition, this discovery shows that it is very important for all customers of businesses, particularly online businesses to read the fine print. In many cases, companies have hidden terms and conditions within the fine print. This is particularly true, when the company appears to be offering an extraordinarily good deal in some fashion. It is important to check the fine print, because the conditions of this deal sometimes make it a far less appealing one, as was the case with this instance. Of course, this is true with all types of businesses online or offline, not just the online gaming industry.