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Virtual gambling has become the most popular way of laying the odds and because of that virtual casinos and gambling websites are plentiful. While most of the sites offer various games and perks, only one is number one when it comes to Sports betting: Bet365. Denise Coates in the United Kingdom founded Bet365 in 2000 and the site went live shortly thereafter-in 2001. Since that time Bet365 has grown tremendously and now it is one of the world’s most successful betting companies. The company is so successful that it employs over 2,000 people in the United Kingdom it is the largest employer in Stoke-on-Trent. In addition to this, Bet365 has won several awards for its excellence. eGaming Review Magazine recognized Bet365 with the top Internet gaming company honor in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Along with that, Denise Coates has been personally recognized with several awards, including being one of the 100 most powerful women in the United Kingdom. Needless to say, Bet365 has experienced huge success.

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So, what makes such a successful Internet gaming website? Having the best Sports betting section in the business doesn’t hurt. First and foremost, the Sports betting section is incredibly user friendly, whereas some betting sites are especially difficult to navigate. This section caters to all sports enthusiasts, no matter their sport of choice; there is no shortage of sporting action. Players may choose from horse racing, rugby league, winter sports, soccer, football, motor sports, volleyball, etcetera. No matter the sport players choose, all of the necessary information is readily available, sport-specific statistics are accessible by simply clicking the particular sport. Coupled with that, this information, along with all other information on the site, is available in several languages. Live betting truly sets Bet365 apart from other websites.

Live betting is available for most sections of the site, but it is incredibly popular within the Sport section and for obvious reasons, Live betting gives users the opportunity to bet on events in real time; therefore, as the event is taking place bets are being placed and this makes Bet365 an exciting place for betting. There are over 20,000 live sporting events broadcast for the customers of Bet365, literally an incredible number of choices. This makes Bet365 more exciting than most betting venues.

Along with Sports betting Bet365 offers several other sections. The Games section is incredibly user-friendly. This section of the site is excellent for beginner players and advanced players alike, it truly has something for everyone. There is a seemingly endless number or games available offering excellent payouts and cash prizes.

Casino Games are also ready for play on the website. The casino game selection is excellent and Bet365 offers unique games, along with popular mainstream games. The quality of the games is just what one would expect from a top tier betting website. The Casino Games download very quickly and are easy to understand. The graphics are clear and vivid, making players feel as if they are in an actual casino. And it is no ordinary casino, rather a luxurious establishment. It is as if players are walking into the beautiful Las Vegas hotels within their very own living room. Coupled with this, depositing and withdrawing funds is another very easy feature Bet365 provides its users with, the site accepts PayPal, debit and credit cards, along with several other methods of payment, making it easier for anyone to join and start playing. Upon initially signing up players are given a free game bonus, it is deposited directly into their account and available to use. The Casino Games include high payout games such as, Laser Escape, Fruity Supernova, and Chain Reactors. Casino Games with smaller, but still awesome cash prizes are also available they include: Digit, Golden Clover, and Darts. Those Casino Games are only a few; there are dozens more available to users.

As if the Casino Games section of Bet365 wasn’t enough, the Poker section is second to none. Within the Poker section of the website players feel as if they are at a live playing table. Signing up to partake in Poker is incredibly simple just like the rest of the website. Player’s first deposit to the Poker section qualifies for a 100% matched bonus with a limit of 100 euros. Bonuses are released to players as they earn merit points. Merit points are earned through playing on real money and tournament tables. This means that the more users play, the more they earn. For those who enjoy playing Poker on the go, Bet365 has an app available so that users may play Poker anywhere! And for those who would like to begin playing Poker, but are new to the games beginner cash tables are available in order to best assist in the learning process. This is a terrific feature for beginner Poker players to utilize in order to better their skills and to become more familiar with the game.

Furthermore, beginners and seasoned players alike can enjoy the benefits of having an excellent support staff on hand to answer any questions or concerns that may arise while utilizing Bet365. Live chat is always available for users so that their questions do not have to be put on hold. This offers peace of mind while using Bet365. Also, support may be contacted via email, web messaging, or telephone. This provides everyone with the opportunity to enjoy all the website has to offer.

While it seems that nearly all areas of betting have been covered, Bet365 still offers one more: the Bingo section. Bet365 is such an excellent gaming platform that it has even managed to make the game of Bingo exciting. There is no longer a need to leave home in order to play, because Bet365 brings Bingo right into users’ homes. Presently, upon signing up for Bingo new users will be rewarded with three excellent introductory prizes. It is important to mention, this isn’t average Bingo, and these are Bingo games, meaning there are many different options. Live Bingo is available to users and they are able to see when live games are going to begin simply by going onto the website. A countdown to each new Bingo game that is about to start is available along with the name of the game, and the amount needed to play. After one game begins, another one is added so that users are never short of opportunities. All they have to do is decide which game they would like to join and click on the Play button. Becoming a user of the site and beginning to enjoy all of these games is, again, incredibly simple.
Overall Bet365 is absolutely one of the most well put together betting venues on the Internet today. The technology of the website is constantly being upgraded as is the appearance and special promotions. Bet365 does all of that in order to keep customers excited about what is coming next. Becoming bored or disinterested is never an option as things are constantly being added, changed, or updated. Players will not find a more extensive list of betting markets anywhere and not only do users have access to these great resources on their homes computers, they are available through the mobile app as well. Additionally, Bet365 offers multi betting in live events; the cash out feature, and so much more that truly makes it stand-alone. Users absolutely love the incredibly fast payments they receive, high limits, no cost deposits and withdrawals and especially the live streaming.

More importantly than anything else, Bet365 is honest and reliable. There are numerous agents whose job is dedicated to assisting customers and there are plenty of ways in which users may contact them. And when users face an issue, no matter what it may be, they can rest assured their issue will be resolved quickly and respectfully. Without any doubt Bet365 is the absolute best online gambling group.

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