Betfair Brings Realistic Games Into The Fold

Betfair is a gambling outlet that allows customers to enjoy their favorite games online, but the online casino is improving with a recent deal that includes Realistic Games. Betfair is offering as many games as it can to its customers, but any online casino can grow quite stale after a few years. Betfair has chosen to change its line-up in the arcade division by inviting Realistic to make eight games. The Realistic experience will be completely different from the experience Betfair customers have today, and new customers are likely to be intrigued by what Realistic can do.

What Does Realistic Do?

Realistic is an arcade game programmer that works with several other European casinos in the past. Realistic games can be found on nearly every major European casino’s website, and customers are familiar with the most popular games offered on those other sites. Customers who come to Betfair will find games that are familiar, but Realistic will create new games just for Betfair.

Betfair is hoping to cash in on the Realistic name, the games that have already created and new games that people will come to Betfair to play. Betfair is a major casino, and they are trending upward as much as a casino can. Adding realistic to the family simply makes Betfair more appealing to people who may not bet otherwise. The normal casino games that many older customers enjoy are simply not interesting to the younger players who come to the Betfair.

Betfair hopes to use what Realistic to find the young market of gamers who will happily play casino arcade games. Betfair will steal a little marketshare from other casinos who already have arcade games, and the site can increase its profile among the younger demographic.

What Does Betfair Do Now?

Betfair is a one-stop casino experience for people who prefer to bet as if they were sitting in the casino. Betfair offers all the traditional casino games, table games, slot machines and electronic games. Someone who loves to bet in the traditional manner need not leave the house to play at Betfair, and someone who prefers the sophisticated elegance of an old casino gets that experience.

Betfair has tables for every game imaginable, and there is a sportsbook that serves people who love sports betting. The casino is open at all times, but the profile of the casino is a bit old. Adding Realistic Games to the family creates an atmosphere of youth that is needed for the casino to grow.

Why Is iGaming So Important?

iGaming is taking over the gambling world because of its simplicity. You can play any casino game you want on your phone, your tablet or your computer. You do not need to leave the house to play, and the games are growing more complex by the minute. Users can find games that are brand new in their app store, and the games are modern twists on old casino games that the older crowd loves.

The iGaming crowd is infiltrating the online casino world by demanding games that are easy to play, more exciting and are not solely based on betting. A player who put a little money into a game from Realistic will lose money when their turn is over, but the game is not based on betting. The games from Realistic are based on the fun of the video game experience. Young players who are more interested in video games are more interested in playing their games, the younger player does not mind to lose a bit of money playing an exciting video.

Realistic Has The Full House In Its Portfolio

The Realistic Games portfolio of clients now includes the “full house” of online casinos in the UK. The top-down approach used by most vendors today aims to grab as many clients as possible in one shot. Realistic has successfully collected all the casinos in the UK that are notable, and Realistic is making money from each casino with its own game offerings.

Realistic Games has made a name for itself by providing online video games for casinos that stand out from what is traditionally offered. The typical video game in an online casino is a strange combination of a few games that does not make sense. Realistic has collected the full house by creating games that any gamer would love. You need not love gambling to give Realistic Games a try, and that willingness to try new things is at the heart of Betfair’s plan.

Why Is Customer Engagement Important?

Betfair needs Realistic Games to help improve their own customer engagement numbers. Customer engagement is a vital part of the online casino business. Customers can become disengaged from their games in a matter of moments. Someone who is sitting behind their computer need not pay full attention to the game, and the games become much less valuable.

Games from Realistic Games are more engaging by nature, and the value of each game jumps considerably when people are engrossed in playing each level of the game. Realistic Games has created a market where online casinos make more money simply because people are more involved in each game. Everyone has been engrossed in a video game at one time, and the games that people play at Betfair will be the most modern yet. There is no way to avoid the intoxicating nature of each new game.

The Betfair partnership with Realistic Games is one that should be celebrated by people who love online gambling. Realistic will create more games for online casinos, and some fan favorites will make their way to Betfair. Everyone wins when a partnership like this takes hold at an online casino.

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  1. Thank you @admin for this review of Betfairs new and upcoming Games developed by Realistic. I for one am happy that Realistic is developing 8 New Games for Betfair. As you mentioned most of the games now are below standards and need to be revamped.

    And with Realistic doing the design on the New Games I will venture to say that Betfair will double its revenue just from these 8 games alone.

    Kudo’s Betfair !!! Nice move…

  2. Nice move ! As @ardodd has said already for Betfair and Realistic games.
    They are really doing nice jobs to introduce and offer new games which are more attractive and cause to engage more customers then before.
    @ardodd? Do you know about these 8 new games ? If yes ! Then please share some info about them. I want to know more about these games. So, please ! Share ….

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