Big Cypress Casino, Clewiston – Florida

Location of Big Cypress Casino in Clewiston, Florida

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General Directions to the Seminole Casino Big Cypress

The City of Lewiston is located so centrally in Southern Florida that is only an hour away from many major city destinations like West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Miami just to mention a few of the locations that are nearby. Coming from the south of the City of Lewiston, look for the intersection of Government Road and B1A-182. Following Government Road until one sees the Seminole Tribe of Florida Headquarters to the left of the road. Going straight ahead one will see the Ahfachkee School. Continue driving north on Government Road until one comes to what is called Route 833. Look ahead for the next building you will see will be the Seminole Casino Big Cypress. Coming from the north, the road to follow is Route 833. Head south until one sees the Seminole Casino Big Cypress.
The Seminole Casino Big Cypress in Clewiston, Florida offers a great deal of services and excitement for Their Guests

The casino, which stands like a magnificent, white-colored, colossal monument is immediately representative of the rich southern slave owner homes that were part of huge plantations. The Indians who own the property own seven other additional casinos. This casino is one that is termed as owed by a native population of Indians. The casino, located in Clewiston, Florida is open for guests and residents Thursday through Sunday from 12:00 noon to 3:00am in the early morning. The casino’s land area encompasses 5,600 square feet of space for gaming and there are special features for gaming. Slot machines are designed to be bingo-style and Los Vegas style. The Seminole Casino Big Cypress is a welcoming center for all of its guests. There 48 luxurious rooms in its hotel. In its main restaurant, there is a seating capacity for 90 people. There is a professionally decorated banquet hall for special occasions. There are many stores to shop in. There is a specifically built lobby that is indicative of the Seminole Indian Culture.

Other Tourists Attractions That the Town Provides

Clewiston can boast that it has a huge lake on the shores of its City boundaries. The lake, which is called Lake Okeechobe lives up to its reputation for fine fishing. There is a public boat entrance. There is a choice to follow a mysterious Lost Trail. The town offers a public golf course for all of its residents and guests. There is a museum nearby the lake. There are campgrounds that are open all year round. In addition to these town amenities, there is the choice of state-of-the-art, highly rated hotels to stay in. There is the Best Western in Clewiston, which is located directly off of United States Highway 27 and the Best Western is only one mile away from the Lake Okeechobe. A continental breakfast is always served at the Best Western. There is the choice to go to the Clewiston Inn. This inn is located right in the middle of the town of Clewiston. The Inn offers free Wi-Fi in all of its rooms. A TV is part of the amenities and the TV is connected to cable. There are satellite television channels also.

There are at least five major airports that are located nearby the city of Clewiston, Florida. Palm Beach International Airport is the closest airport to the city of Clewiston. It is located only 59 miles from the center of the city of Clewiston. A second airport that is located very close to the city is the Southwest Florida International Airport. People fly in from all over the world and from all over the country to enjoy the scenery and view the historical artifacts of the Seminole Indians who were the first inhabitants of this land. The Southwest Florida International Airport is located in Fort Meyers, Florida and is only 69 miles away from the city of Clewiston, Florida. A third airport that is near Clewiston is the Charlotte County Airport. It features continuous flights from its origin Punta Gorda, Florida and is only 78 miles from Clewiston, Florida.

People Come as Tourists to the Seminole Casino Big Cypress to learn more about the history of the Seminole Indians. The history of the Seminole Indians is a thrilling story that few other tribes can match. The Seminole Indian Tribe was the only tribe in the whole United States that refused to sign a treaty with the United States government. The history of the people particularly features their two special leaders. Osceola and Abiaka were special men who were endowed with many leadership qualities. Osceola led the people in battles against the United States government, because the United States government wanted to displace them and take over their lands. Abiaka also known as a tireless fighter and leader was also a medicine man. He used his knowledge of medicines to entice his men to fight against the injustice that the white man had brought against his tribe. Fighting between the Seminole Indians and the United States government went on for years and particularly in the middle 1800s.

Abiaka and his Indian fighters escaped from the United States soldiers and hid in the swamp lands of southern Florida. They had a will for total resistance and they never gave in to tyranny. They continued their culture which was mainly derived from Creek Indians. They continued their culture by speaking Mikasuki and Creek, which are both derived from the language of the Muskogee Indians. They designed houses which were called chickees, which featured roofs that opened up for ventilation. They continued their festive community ceremony by events like the Green Corn Dance. The Seminole Indians gave runaway slaves a refuge for escape. The Seminole Indians continued their resistance until in the year 1930 they were finally given land to live on in Florida by the United States government. They opened gaming for residents and for tourists in 1970 after winning a court appeal.

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