As the first American online casino that operates solely using bitcoins, is like no other. This casino actually cares about their players, and that is something that is unfortunately quite rare in this world. They have a passion for gaming and entertainment in general, and that has allowed them to work toward their goal of operating the most popular online casino in the world. They want their players to feel right at home from the moment they first visit the site, so they provide top-of-the-line games, encrypted and secured financial transactions, stellar customer support, and some of the fastest pay-outs in the industry. Every game on the platform was hand-selected to match the fun and exciting nature of the casino, and they all have sharp graphics, deep audio effects, and engaging gameplay. Since the casino uses Bitcoin, pay-outs are essentially instant. Big windfalls might take upward of 15 minutes to completely process. If there are any issues with the gameplay or the casino in general, the dedicated customer support staff will help in any way they can.

When You Visit has an interface that is both bright and vibrant without being too overwhelming. Players who visit the home page will be greeted with a small sign-up form for eager players, a list of some of the most popular games currently available on the platform, and a grand total for the site’s Bitcoin jackpot. The site isn’t overly flashy with motion graphics and distracting backgrounds, which is a plus for those who just want the best casino gaming experience possible. Despite being the first online Bitcoin casino in the United States, and the fact the casino was only launched at the start of February in 2017, they still provide a clean, memorable gaming arena for the most dedicated players.


Bonus & Promotions

As with most online casinos, understands they need to offer some impressive incentives if they want to draw traffic from existing online casinos, and they have created a promotions system that is second to none. They use three primary types of bonuses. The first is a Welcome Bonus that is spread out over the first 5 deposits made by new players. For each for the first 5 deposits up to 1 BTC each, will provide a percentage bonus to the deposit amount. The first deposit receives a bonus of 150 percent of the base deposit amount, the second deposit receives 100 percent, the third receives 75 percent, the fourth receives 50 percent, and the fifth receives 25 percent.

The second bonus type offered at this casino is an Everyday Reload bonus that awards up to 30 percent of any single deposit per day up to 1 BTC in value. Of course, as with most monetary casino bonuses, these funds must be wagered at least 40 times before they can be withdrawn. The last bonus variety is the Weekend Bonus, which works similarly to the Everyday Reload bonus, but instead of offering 30 percent during the week, the Weekend Bonus offers 50 percent on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. These bonuses are also subject to the wagering requirement.

Players are also awarded non-monetary bonuses from time to time, including Free Spins and other perks of using the platform.

Mobile Games

With the prevalence of mobile technology continuing to rise, online brands can’t survive if their customers can’t access their content on their mobile devices. Fortunately, is built on a robust web platform that is fully compatible with mobile devices. The site uses dynamic webpages and responsive design to offer the best experience possible no matter the method of access. Every feature of that can be accessed through a traditional web browser can also be accessed through most standard mobile platforms.


There are literally dozens of high-quality games for players to choose from at The most popular game type on most online casinos is video slots, and there are over 20 such games on this site. Not only that, but they offer classic table games, roulette, and even games that are much more action oriented, like Mega Gems and Event Horizon. Players will certainly find the variety they seek from an online casino when they visit

Deposits and Withdrawals

Unlike other online casinos that have to deal with complicated payment portals and disjointed service providers, only uses a single currency: Bitcoin. The digital currency is relatively new, but many are already starting to see its value as a replacement for other forms of currency. Players must start by acquiring a Bitcoin wallet, which is a storage system for managing the currency. Funding the wallet with Bitcoin is as easy as finding an exchange and trading some of your own currency for it, usually in the form of a debit or credit card, a bank transfer, or even something like PayPal.

In order for your new account to be confirmed and activated, requires a minimum deposit of 0.001 BTC. There is no upper deposit maximum, but standard players are only allowed to withdraw up to 10 BTC per week. However, high-rollers and other VIPs can withdraw more. Deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly, and there is no fee for those transactions.


In order to guarantee their customers have an amazing time at, the site offers multiple different methods of contacting customer service. Each method is suited for a certain level of urgency behind the question or problem, and those who need instant answers can use the Live Chat feature that can be found at the bottom of every single page on the site.

Those who have questions with less urgency behind them can contact customer support through email at, and inquiries are usually answered through email within 24 hours of their receipt. The customer service page on also includes a specialized inquiry form that is delivered through the same email support system.

Finally, customer support can be contacted directly by phone at (609) 225-4223.