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Location of Black Hawk Station Casino inBlack Hawk, Colorado

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Black Hawk Station

Games, dining, great odds, and old world charm make Black Hawk Station a unique casino, and one well worth a visit. Located an hour west of Denver, the casino has been a staple of the gambling community in Black Hawk Colorado since 1993. Being a smaller venue, it lacks some of the amenities that many of the larger casinos offer, but make up for that with excellent service, good payout, and low price fare. Being the largest gambling town in the State of Colorado, this hole in the wall can be hard to miss. Black Hawk itself is quite close to Central City, and adding a visit to Black Hawk Station during a stay in either town would be worth the time and effort. It’s open until two in the morning Monday through Thursday, and four in the morning Friday through Sunday.

The third in a group of casinos all owned and operated by Ed and Shirley Smith, a native Colorado couple, this charming penny house primarily features slot machines, many of which are classic machines, as well as newer electronic machines. If giant levers and spinning lights are what you crave, this is the place for you! However, if you are looking for a more involved or competitive experience, Black Hawk Station (colloquially known as “The Station” by locals) may not be your best gaming option. You wont find any table games, such as poker, blackjack, roulette, or craps at Black Hawk Station, however, video poker is available. If table games are what you’re after, Bullpen and Bullwhackers, another local casino, is right next door, and Fitzgeralds Casino is right across the street. The payout of the slots are said to be between ninety five percent and ninety eight percent, which are some of the best odds in Black Hawk or Central City. The owners often offer special promotions and incentives, such as the “100 or Nothing” promotion; a promotion that allows ten spins on a machine for ten dollars, and rewarding the player with a five dollar return if they don’t hit one hundred dollars. In addition, there are many cash drawings daily, and cash bonuses during certain hours.

The interior has a dive atmosphere, maintaining the older mountain style feel that one hopes to see during a trip to Colorado. The building itself has stood much longer then the casino has been in business, and the interior reflects Black Hawks history. With two floors and one hundred and twenty seven machines, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a place to play, however, during busy weekends it does have a tendency to fill quickly. Luckily, the same owners and operators have another, very similar casino nearby called “The Wild Card Saloon”, which offers a similar experience. A third casino, also operated by Shirley and Ed Smith is called the Sasquatch Casino, and is located in near by Central City. Clientele is diverse, however, you are unlikely to see any high rollers here as the regulars are mainly low risk gamblers; folks looking to have a good time, not make a huge amount of money. Renowned for its friendly staff and laid back atmosphere Black Hawk Station is a local favorite; if you’re looking to meet some locals, and get to know the rhythm of the town, this is the place for you!

The Casino also features a restaurant on the upper level named “Shirley and Eds Grill”. Named after the founders of the Casino, the grill offers inexpensive fare; cheeseburger and fries, chicken wings, BLT, as well as a small bar. No meal is above six dollars, making it a welcome reprieve from the high prices that are so common in Black Hawk and Central City. The grill has a standing special; a steak dinner for only $2.99, and free soft serve ice-cream. As twenty one is the legal gambling age in Colorado, children aren’t allowed in the casino, but are welcome in Shirley and Eds. The downside of the Grill is its size. With only two tables available, to-go orders may be a better option, or bring your food back to your slot machine.

Being a smaller casino, Black Hawk Station does not offer any lodging, however, the town of Black Hawk has over twenty hotels and several bed and breakfasts to choose from, many within walking distance. Central City also has many lodging options if you are hoping to experience both towns.

The City of Black Hawk offers busses from Denver, Boulder, and Lakewood, making transportation to the casino very convenient from those towns. There is also a “Party Buss” that travels from Denver. Black Hawk Casino is right along the route the these busses take.

While not everyones cup of tea, nor a casino one would choose to spend an entire trip at, the Black Hawk Station is a charming and worth while visit. Great for getting to know the town and the people, but not the best place for high rollers. Any trip to play in Black Hawk or Central City would be greatly improved by playing the slots, taking in the historic atmosphere, and enjoying some delicious food at this unique and well run penny house.

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