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Bitcoins are a form of currency that has no governing body, nor static currency exchange rate that is specific to any country. This worldwide currency does range in worth, currently, one coin is equivalent to $455. Bovado and Slots.Iv’s acceptance of bitcoins demonstrates that the awareness of high rollers wanting to play and trade with people all over the world safely is a source of revenue as well as convenience for the customer.

Bovada and Slots.Iv are not the only online gambling sites to begin receiving bitcoins as antes or bets, rather, with regulations in some countries, it also gives anyone the ability to gamble that wishes to. By joining the ranks of online casinos that accept bitcoins, Bovada and Slots.Iv have ensured they can and will compete.

Bitcoins also offer security and safety. There is no account information that can lead to a customer being stolen from. This is insurance to both players and Bovada and Slots.Iv. Anonymous players are able to use a form of currency that is not only safe but keeps the customer’s identity from being stolen or used. Bovada and Slots.Iv acknowledged this fact and has begun to accept bitcoins.

Owned by the same company, Bodog, Bovada and Slots.Iv are two separately different gambling sites and styles. The use of bitcoins has further merged the companies. While Bovada is primarily ante related gambling, be it racing, sports, or poker, Slots.Iv appeals to the button pushing gamblers. In both cases, bitcoins not only will draw the larger bet makers into the online gambling arena to the sites but will also keep gamblers as the chances to win expands as the player base does the same.

Bovada and Slots.Iv are being all inclusive with their acceptance of bitcoins. Whether from Australia or the United States, gambling is welcomed and fostered. They do promote being responsible. Bovada and Slots.Iv was responsible in their response to the way currency works, now. With the casinos being online, safety and security were both measured in this choice to accept a currency that seems to only grows within the worldwide financial exchange.

Both casinos make it easy to make deposits and with this new currency allowance, it has become that much easier. Bovada and Slots.Iv promotes regular bonuses for signing up and making a deposit, with bitcoin deposits, that remains true. The nature and value of a bitcoin are far larger than U.S.D. usage and allows residents of the United States to gamble given the new legistlation that has been holding gamblers back.

Bovada and Slots.Iv gives their customers a real casino experience. There is 24/7 support that will answer any question. Given the new bitcoin policy, the availability is never in question.

Bovada and Slots.Iv already offered fast payouts and were praised for it. With the addition of taking bitcoins, payouts are even quicker. This means gamblers play longer, stay longer, and come back more often. The ability to reload bitcoins is easy and handled with ease during online conversion.

Bitcoin’s anonymous aspect also allows gamblers to flock to Bovada and Slots.Iv, regardless of their financial status. Many U.S. regulations allow casinos to take jackpots won for child support, back taxes, and student loans. By allowing bitcoin spending, Bovada and Slots.Iv has also brought back revenue that would otherwise be lost because the gambler fears their winnings will be culled because of debt.

Bovada and Slots.Iv has done everything right. From following spending trends, such as bitcoins, to the customer service provided, it is known that feedback is listened to and implemented. This gives gamblers a sense of ease, making it a fun experience while ensuring the safety of currency being deposited and withdrawn.