Boylesports’ Planned Expansion to the Far East

Boylesports is a gambling firm from Ireland. It is the largest independent bookmaker from that country. Other than the retail stores it owns, Boylesports operates an online gambling and betting service using several betting sites, ‘Fon-A-Bet’, which is a telephone betting service, and for smartphone users, Boylesports has introduced a mobile betting app.

The online gambling and betting sites owned and run by Boylesports include,,,,,,, and All these sites have been licensed in by the Gambling Commission in Gibraltar.

John Boyle established the firm in 1982, in the Irish town of Dundalk. By August 2004, Boylesports had 77 shops in Ireland, and two years later, the organization was proud to open its 100th store. The organization offers employment opportunities to the citizens of Ireland, employing over 1,200 people. In the country alone, the firm has over 210 branches.

17 betting shops originally owned by Celtic Bookmakers were taken over by Boylesports in February 2011. Through this move, the organization saved 100 jobs, and later on it saved 65 jobs by strategically taking over 15 shops from William Hill Bookmakers.

Boylesports’ Commercial Director, Brendan Hughes, recently revealed that the Irish bookmaking firm was set to carry on with its expansion plans by launching new firms into Asia. While speaking to The Business Post, Hughes insisted that Boylesports was not going to abandon its current strategic expansion path.

Some of the potential jurisdictions mentioned by Hughes include West Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe. Expanding into these new markets is going to set a new pace for Boylesports. The firm will become more of a franchise unit, and this will lead to more job opportunities being availed to citizens of the nations the firm will be based.
According to Hughes, the organization is focused on emerging markets. Hughes added that Boylesports already has a customer management team and digital development in Manila, Philippines. Boylesports is set to act as a launch pad in establishing an Asian gambling business.

The gaming market in Asia is approximately worth between 30 billion and 100 billion dollars. The Asian gaming market is ever growing, and its yearly growth rate is estimated at 15%, according to Hughes. The market is also a complex one when you compare it to the European gaming market.
Hughes pointed out that in Asia, they bet on sports in different ways to Europe. People from the Far East are more interested in live casino experiences and online gambling. Hughes said that for Boylesports to satisfy the needs of the Asian market, the firm has to come up with different products from those in the British and Irish markets. Hughes added that Boylesports was going to build a new team in the Asian market to point out significant opportunities.

Establishing a market in a distant nation is not an easy task, so it should not be taken lightly. This new venture that Boylesports is undertaking can be called bold but still, from all other undertakings by the organization this one is very well calculated, planned and organized. With that in mind, the process is set to sail through easily.
For Boylesports to conquer its new market, it has to hire a management team to develop its business in Asia and also conduct market research in the nation. Other countries that Boylesports is eyeing in its expansion endeavor include Nigeria, Poland, and Turkey.

Boylesports has a success history when it comes to expansion strategies and takeovers. In July 2013, Irish legislators passed a new gambling law to extend licensing to online gambling. When the bill was passed to law, Boylesports took advantage of it by announcing its planned expansion into the land based retail market.
The Irish Times published a report where Boylesports’ owner and CEO, John Boyle, pointed out the plans the firm had in expanding into the retail gambling market in Britain. John added that Boylesports had a well-established network that was set to run for the coming five years.

Boylesports has succeeded in expanding its market presence and services at home, so the Asia expansion plan will be as easy as ABC… The firm acquired two independent bookies in Crossmaglen and Mill Street and later on expanded its business into Northern Ireland. All these expansion and takeover actions are the stepping stones Boylesports is going to use when expanding to the Asian gaming market.

John Boyle put it out there that his firm was interested in buying shops in Northern Ireland. John also added that if any privately-owned groups or shops were to come up for sale at that time, then Boylesports would be a bidder. Boylesports’ plan was to cover the entire nation. The CEO’s focus is always on Boylesports’ competition and at whom the firm would want to get the stores.

Other than the expansion plans at home, Boylesports also eyed the hundreds of outlets in the United Kingdom controlled by its competitors, Gala Coral, and Ladbrokes after these two British operators announced their £2.3 billion mergers. Boylesports bought several of the hundreds of shops sold by Ladbrokes Coral as they satisfied the requirements of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission after their merger.

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  1. Asia known before as a sleeping dragon. and now gradually the dragon awake, the Asian economic growth stronger then ever. Everybody know how the China, Korean, Emirates, India, Taiwan and Indonesia raising their influence in World trade traffic. And not surprisingly, The Chinese now is the leader of the international trading revenue. Their National reserves are much bigger than the other nation. No wonder if some investor or company from europe trying their luck in Asia. And it is very very logic. The gamble regulation in Asia’s country are not as tight as european or American. And also the market are still very wide open. That’s why the Boyles are very clever if they expand their business in Asia.

  2. Thank you @admin for this review of Boylesports as it is very interesting to see the growth of their company. And it appears to be growing in different areas now with the Asian Market.

    How many new jobs will Boylesports be adding in the Asian Market Place?

    And moving into Asia what kind of different games will they have to develop in order to compete in the Asian market?

  3. @Ardodd, i don’t think Boyle need to bring new type of game here in Asia. Because Asian people can play what european and american play. But on the other hand, the european and american uncertainly to play the asian game. Why? because for years we’re watching them from televesion and internet, meanwhile they learn a little about the asian.

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