Bustavault Slot

bustavault Review from a user:
I played Bust-A-Vault all day long today. It was an addicting game. The way the slot machine was designed actually made me feel as if I were at a real casino playing this actual slot. Although I usually don’t spend real money online, this game gave me the option to play for fun or to actually spend and earn money. The slot starts the player out with $2,844.40. The lowest bet of $.10 on three coins totaling $.30. The highest bet of $10.00 on three coins totaling $30.00.


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I maxed out my betting and played on $30.00 the entire time playing. On the left side of the slot machine there is the betting and pay out display. The slot displays three sets of three money vaults, three sets of three cherries, three sets of three oranges, three sets of three lemons, three sets of three red BAR’s, three sets of two blue BAR’s, and three sets of one white BAR’s.

The betting for the vaults show $500, $1000, and $2000. The betting for the cherries show $100, $200, and $300. The betting for the oranges show $75, $150, and $225. The betting for the lemons show $30, $60, and $90. The betting for the three red BAR’s show $25. $50, and $75. The betting for the two blue BAR’s show $15, $30, and $45. The betting for the single white BAR’s show $10, $20, and $30. The betting for any BAR that is Red, White, and Blue is $5, $10, and $15. The betting for any cherry, orange, and lemon shows $3, $6, and $9. The betting for any two cherries shows $2, $4, and $6. And finally, the betting on just one cherry shows $1, $2, and $3. When playing this the WILD played two times pays out three times the winning combination.

There is an Auto spin that can only be used if using true funds. I used the SPIN and the BET MAX during my time playing the game. My highest pay out totaled $150.00. I liked this game a lot and will continue to play it. The actual colors and the display of the slot machine looks very realistic. The only down fall or negative comment I would indicate would be the music that is played in the back ground. It just sounds like someone hitting a bunch of piano keys. Maybe a beginning child learning a few cords on the piano. When the slot spins and there is no pay out the music changes to a more dark tone. Sort of a depressing tone to the music. Besides the music, this was an exciting experience.

I would definitely recommend this to my friends to play either on their laptops or to download on their cell phones. Awesome!


  1. Low Bet price is little high.

    Payout is High as well.

    Whats the condition for deposit?

  2. total price for lowest bet is $0.30 which is good.
    Can anyone know the Minimum withdraw and deposite

  3. Nice, the cartoonic image reduce the tense, so the player didn’t feel in the middle of war.. fantastic idea..

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