California Welcomes First Legal Online Poker Site While Delaware Poker Revenues Fall

Online casinos are really starting to make a splash all over the United States. In fact, California has just welcomed its very first legal online poker site. According to reports, Santa Ysabel Interactive was the organization that will launched this site. It is described as a tribal regulated poker site for the Tribe, which is a reservation located just to the east of San Diego, Calif.

When speaking about the launch of this new site, Tribe said that it has high hopes. In short, it wants the website to become a viable alternative to other unregulated gambling sites. In this statement, Tribe was referring to all of the off-shore gambling sites that keep popping up on the Internet. These sites are unregulated and risky to use.

The chairman and gaming commissioner of Tribe, Dave Vialpando, said that his group is in full support of all regulations. This allows Tribe to open and run a legal gambling website in the United States. This is made possible thanks to the Federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. Tribe hopes that people will enjoy using this online interactive poker website.

Of course, while California is in the middle of welcoming its first legal online poker website, Delaware is seeing revenues for online poker fall. According to reports from June 2013 but just made available at the end of July, online poker profits have fallen but revenues for the industry as a whole is on the rise. Online casino and gambling profits were up 7.1 percent in June when compared to May. This put June online gambling profits at $184,944.

Although online gambling enjoyed an increase in profits, it was not thanks to online poker, which saw a massive 55 percent fall in profits compared to May. This put online profits for poker at just $25,607. The increase in profits for the industry as a whole was only thanks to an increase in online lottery revenues.

With Delaware reporting an increase in online lottery revenues, it’s easy to see that online lotteries are becoming hot ticket items for online gambling. This might be why there are a number of states looking to get into the online lottery scene. Take Kentucky, for example. The Kentucky Lottery Corporation recently requested to move ahead with plans to create an online lottery system for the state.

When making its case in early July, the Kentucky Lottery Corporation gave a time line to state lawmakers. This plan outlined the launch of the online platform and hopes to find a provider by autumn 2014. Providers are going to bid on the chance to represent the new platform by the end of the summer. If everything goes according to plan, the Kentucky Lottery Corporation hopes to launch games across multiple states, such as Powerball. However, it wants to run the games online. This could be a big step for the future of online casinos and gambling in general.

It is very likely that the Kentucky Lottery Corporation will get approved for this venture. This is because the state is hoping that it can increase state revenues through the system. Right now, officials feel that the online lottery market has a lot of untapped potential.

In further recent online casino news, Comic Con was held just last month. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered to see what was new in the world of comics. How does this relate to the online casino world? Online casinos have found that players love using virtual slot machines that use the likeness of popular DC and Marvel superheroes. For example, Playtech’s Marvel slots have proven to be extremely popular, and they feature characters such as Spider-man, The Avengers, Iron Man and Wolverine. Comic Con showed off what new adventures await these superheroes. It is a safe bet that these adventures will eventually make their way into online casinos.

Many online casinos use Playtech software for all of their gaming needs. Many of these online casinos state that players who use their services do not just want to win money, although that is a big part of it. They also want to be entertained. That is why slots and online casino games that feature superheroes usually perform well.

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  1. I’m imagining if 40-60 age online gambling player, looking for an ironman at their screen…

  2. Of course, this statement is quite correct, that the player do not always want to earn here at online casinos site, but also they are here for entertainment. And it’s 100% true.I have seen many of such volunteer who never think about the lost of money, they just have a great passion for online poker or other such games. And no doubt that online slots game are more popular now a days.

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