Candy Cottage Slot

candy-cottage Have a sweet tooth that only lady luck can satisfy? If so, let Candy Cottage sweep you away into a world of luck, candy and big winnings! With exceptional graphics and audio quality, Candy Cottage entertains all who play it. But what sets this digital slot machine apart from the countless others?


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Game Details

Players may win through a myriad of combinations and special icon configurations. Candy Cottage offers multiple winning options through its five reel, 20 payline interface. Maximize your winning potential through the 10-coin maximum bet. Obviously, slot icons feature candy-related designs, which are not only adorable but also entertaining. While multiple icons exist, four specialty icons trigger special games and rewards. These include:

Wild Icon – This icon, displayed as an oven, is substituted for any other icon needed to complete a payout combination. It may be located in any of the five reels, and it may stand-in for any necessary icon.
Scatter Icon – Candy Cottage features three scatter icons. If all three icons are involved in your combination, you’re rewarded with 10 free bonus spins. Any winnings derived from these spins is multiplied three times, offering a chance to win big money.
Candy Cottage Bonus Round – The coveted bonus round offers a chance to win big money and free spins. To activate the bonus round, three out of the five reels must feature the bonus icons. These icons don’t have to be involved in a combination to trigger the game.

Navigating throughout the various game options and taking note of important game details is a breeze. The interface follows traditional video slot machine designs, with current bank amount and latest winnings displayed in an easily identifiable location. Each of the 20 lines features a maximum bet of 25-cents, which may result in decent winnings on certain combinations.

Playing Experience

As with any high-quality slot machine game, the entire game revolves around a simple, yet fun, storyline. Upon starting the game, a quick animated intro video tells the story of Hansel and Gretel. The two chubby and cute characters make their way through the wilderness to stumble upon a house made of candy. Filled with joy, the children carefully open the door where an evil witch is revealed. As the scene turns dark, the video ends and the game begins. Of course, you can skip the intro if you’re ready to begin playing right away.

Overall, Candy Cottage provides gamers with a solid gaming experience. Reels and animations are seamless and smooth. The payout rates are comparable to standard casino slot machines, and vital information is clearly marked. If you’re searching for a digital slot machine experience that’s above-and-beyond other online slot machines, then you’ll want to delve into the land of Candy Cottage.

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  1. Defeat the witch, don’t let the witch eat you.. stole the candy as much as you can.. nice idea.. to make gamble fun, you need to act as a kid.. this game will remind you to your childhood.. back to time when your parents or grand parent read you a fairytale before they tucked you in…

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