Cant Stop The NOK

With recent online gambling legalizations, European countries such as Norway have made casino’s an unorthodox source of income. Reliable? Not likely. Yet the thrill may just be worth it. The symbol for Norwegian krone is called the “NOK”. It’s not exactly major international currency yet its validity remains relevant for some transactions across borders especially…hint hint.. online.

So where does one even begin to gamble for crowns? The internet yields many sources where you can test your luck in some of the most famous online casinos to date. Top casinos available in the united states consist of BitStarz Casino, Grand Eagle, and Wizbet. BitStarz, rated a 9/10 by casino moguls is gives players across the globe leeway to play slots, table games and much more. It even features the use of the new alternative internet currency called bitcoins. The Softswiss platform which is genius in my opinion renders BitStarz available for use on any computer, laptop, or smartphone. This makes earning those crowns easier and more accessible. Grand Eagle, rated a meta critic 7/10 gives casino game players a unique approach to the game. Grand Eagles features casino games players never experienced before. Of course, it features insta play, download, and mobile counterparts. Nok currency is welcomed as well as other global tenders. Wizbet shares the Saucify platform along with Grand Eagle.

Overseas hosts the absolute best casinos. With power hitters such as VegasBet365, IW Casino, and Anna Casino just to name a few. Wherever you choose to gamble at, Norwegian Crowns have steadily built its way to relevance in the global trade. Other than the casinos previously stated, there are approximately 162 different Norwegian slot platforms that accept Kronors. Ironically, physical, tangible, non-virtual casinos are non-existent in Norway. Norway’s legal position against gambling is rather strange. Albeit other methods of gambling such as sports, lottery and horse betting is commonplace, Live casinos such as poker and the like are absolutely prohibited!.

In its heyday, Red Cross and separate charities owned over 20,000 slot machines available to the Norwegian public. Naturally, huge profits were rolling in. Yet, in 2007, Norwegian government ruled that all slot machines were to be eliminated immediately. This puzzled many regulars of casinos and you can bet your behind that this would disrupt individuals own personal economy. The state would then declare a monopoly on several slots and reconstructed casinos under Norsk Tipping’s control. Thus, interactive video terminals with strict daily betting limits were the norm. Governments always ruin the fun.

Consequentially, online gambling in Norway is perfectly legal. No Norwegian online casinos exist, however. The only two companies entitled to provide gambling online have absolutely no games to offer. Until laws change, there will cease to be a conventional website for Norwegians to play online casino games. Norway’s leaders managed to ignore citizens that played at international casinos. Later this changed of course. Norwegian government proceeded to authoritatively ban gambling at foreign online casinos in December 2008. They also have delayed plans to block such foreign sites. Norway isn’t a European union member state so nothing can be done about it.

The final decision produced by authorities was to maintain the monopoly of Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk Tipping. These currently are the only companies that are authorized to provide service in Norway alternatively than opening the market for foreign operations. It is illegal to partake in other unspecified types of gambling. Yes, gambling is considered a crime in Norway. You will be persecuted!!! Insane ain’t it? So to avoid incarceration, Norwegian players are able to benefit from the gambling products and services rendered by Rikstoto and Tipping.

Established circa 1982, Rikstoto is an organization with the mission of becoming a lead contributor to the gambling game. Since it has greatly impacted Norwegian gambling endeavors, its venture has been a massive success. Today, Rikstoto is largely in charge of animal racing activities. Therefore being one-half of Norwegian monopolists, no other firm is permitted to accept wagers over the internet for horse racing. Norsk Tipping, also known as the Norway National Lottery, was founded in 1948 and has gone through noteworthy advancement. Present-day, Tipping offers a variety gambling commodities like the lottery and sports betting. Norsk Tipping is also allowed to oversee poker websites.

It may be a while before Norwegian officials ever change gambling laws, but Norway players love for the gambling culture continue to seek ways to be able to partake in their beloved games. In particular, the vast number of international players and Norwegians continue to manifest. Major online casinos that accept Norwegian players often provide them with mobile and live dealer options additionally. Norway-based players are thus playing the most popular games right on their smartphones. Smartphones are still subject to monitoring.

Today, there is no banking institution in Norway with jurisdiction to process transactions to and fro via gambling sites. So Norwegian residents are unable to transfer funds from bank accounts to international casino websites. Despite that fact, a majority of foreign websites are secured and will gladly accept NOK as deposit currency. Players often opt for payment processors such as FundSend, Neteller and prepaid cards such as Ukash since personal bank account transfers are out of the question. Regardless, NOK currency and other global trade continue to sweep the online gambling market. What the future holds for Norwegian gambling is unassured but until otherwise stated, players who love the sport will still concoct ways to indulge in what they love. Please remember to gamble Responsibly.

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  1. It is ashamed when a Country ban’s it’s residents from Online Gambling. And with no work and support the temptation is there to find a way to gamble to provide for their families.

    I understand it from your article that the Norwegian Government has authorized only two gaming providers to allow online gambling in Norway. Well I can say that it is sad but true that US Government is trying to do the same thing. They closed or banned all citizens from playing online games, and have slowly but surely opened a few in certain states that allow for gambling.

    So what the future of online gambling for Norway and US citizens is unsure.

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