Canyon Casino, Black Hawk – Colorado

Location of Canyon Casino in Black Hawk, Colorado

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Canyon Casino – Colorado, United States

Casinos are some of the hottest locations to go out to while spending a night on the town for people of all ages, and going to one simply because it’s the closest to you or because you have no idea about where others might be is absurd. Doing some digging around online can be extremely beneficial to you, especially if you find yourself going on a trip or vacation and are looking for great places to stay, and great areas of attraction that will keep you entertained and not yawning every few seconds. This article will be reviewing and examining the Canyon Casino in Black Hawk, Colorado – a fun loving, midsize town.

About Canyon Casino

Canyon Casino is more than just your average place to piss away money and spend a few nights because you have nothing else to occupy your time – they strive to provide their customers with an experience that’s really unlike any other. They want you to have the time of your life, making this more than just a casino visit, but yet a place and time for you to make memories and spend time with people you love. And since 2011, they’ve been providing just that for the hundreds of thousands of people that have walked through their doors.

The aura they want you to get while walking through their doors is one that will make you want to come back time and time again. With the ringing of their slot machines and the vibe of people getting lucky and earning cash everywhere you look, it’s enough to make anyone excited. Many customers of Canyon have said that the overall vibe they got from visiting is ultimately the best part. With friendly staff members and lots of chances to win and earn a good chunk of money, a permanent smile just may be glued on your face until the time you leave.

Games and Entertainment at Canyon Casino

With their doors open seven days a week, they give you plenty of opportunity to get a hand at the multiple different types of games that are on the casino floor for you to try your hand at. Classics like Blackjack, craps and slots are always a crowd pleaser, but new contenders like video poker are also becoming a fan favorite as well. With a mix of old and new, Canyon likes to reach out to all their different types of visitors to make sure that each and every one of them leaves satisfied and with a smile on their face.

As well as mixing the old with the new, they also offer you games and specials that are specific just for the Canyon crowd. These events let you know that they stay true to their roots and love to involve and draw in the local crowd, as well as the travels. You’ll be able to try your hand at the SuperSeries which is available every hour. Five lucky numbers are plucked for a chance to win a progressive jackpot that starts out at $5,000. You can also win up to $250 dollars in cold hard cash simply for trying out a True-Time tournament at Canyon (which are available Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 10pm).

Promotions and Bonuses

Canyon offers monthly and weekly promotions which can be checked by their website. While every month is different, that’s the depending factor on which type of bonus you can get. They also suggest that you sign up for their email updates and newsletters so you’ll be quickly notified if there are any special events, deals or promotions going on.

Become a Canyon Club member and you’ll be treated like royalty! Giving you VIP treatment and all the VIP status as a celebrity. You’ll get discounts for local restaurants, cash bonuses and so much more,

Restaurants & More!

The casino is parked strategically across the street from The Lodge Casino at Black Hawk to allow their customers a comfortable stay, and so that they’re close to the action as well. The Canyon Grille is a restaurant in the Canyon Casino that will love to serve you fresh Mexican and American dishes for all three meals of the day. No matter if its breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they’d be happy to cure that craving. From quesadillas to stakes, fried chicken, chicken fried steak, New York style strip steak, grilled salmon or even shrimp, their menu is there to cure any craving that you could possibly get during your visit.

If you’re coming to visit Canyon in a group, never fear! They just need to know before hand so they can get everything settled and out of the way, making your stay as comfortable and without stress as possible. The form to fill out can be found on their website here.


Remember that you deserve to treat yourself in means of where you visit and who you go with. You don’t want to force yourself to go to a location that doesn’t have the things that you were looking for, and a place that won’t give you the desired respect and service that everyone should be treated with.

The Canyon Casino is a great place for you to break out of your shell and to try new things that you wouldn’t normally have in the comfort of your own home. From having a great staff always willing to help, to a great energy that will surge through the building, you will have the chance to make new friends and try new things during your visit. From table games to virtual slots, the amenities that Canyon has offered up to you is really unlike anything else, all while having the great down home feel that will make you feel safe and at home.

If you’re interested in learning more about the casino, you can visit their site here. If you’d like to see locals who have reviewed the casino, lurk around here.

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  1. I was in colorado about a month ago. I tried Canyon and few others, I highly recommend this casino for everyone.

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