Casino And Integrated Resort at Queensland Australia

Kate Jones the tourism minister of Queensland shared with ABC radio that a second casino and resort might be expanded by the government. The expansion would result to a $1 billion development with various facilities such as a Gold coast concert venue, space for convention, high quality dining and retail experience, entertainment facilities etc.

An approach is made to several organizations that might take an interest in constructing and running the entire project. However, the announcement has started a hustle among the anti-gambling groups. The star entertainment group that owns the star casino at broad beach stated that the machines for games in the market are all absorbed. The organization that takes up the authority will have to maintain a balance between the economic benefits from this project with the possible harm that it may cause to the families. The managing director of the star group Geoff Hogg informed about their investment of $2 billion for their Broadway expansion and their lack of interest in taking up another casino project.

 Miss Jones further stated that an advisory board would be created for proposing ideas on the casino project. The casino and resort as estimated by the Queensland government would create more than 6000 local jobs. Although the jobs might help the locals the antigambling groups are not in the favor of another casino in the state. As Queensland is the second worst gambling state in Australia for gambling loses that is more than $1000 per person. The kind of impact it might put on the families is a serious concern. The increase in number of violence, fraud, imprisonment and suicides, mental health issues and homelessness due to gambling is a threat to a healthy society. 

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