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A casino is meant to be a fun time where people can try their luck and possibly win a little bit of money. Casinos are destinations for a fun night out, a party, or perhaps a gathering. Whatever the reason behind going to the casino, it’s typically a safe and uneventful pastime. People typically keep to themselves when they’re at the casino. That’s because they are concentrated and focused on what they’re doing whether it’s slots, bingo, or table games. Last month, a tragic incident rocked a casino in Glasgow.

One of the reasons that casinos are so safe is because they are fitted with top of the line technology and security. Every last inch of a casino is covered in cameras which a lot of people don’t realize. There is also an immense about of security. Security guards are stationed at each and every entrance as well as throughout the casino. These are all measures that are meant to keep the casino and those who enjoy it safe. Sometimes, despite all of these safety measures, tragedy does strike. The Riverboat Casino saw a tragic incident firsthand. There was literally nothing they could have done to prevent it.

Kallum Delaney and his friend entered the Riverboat Casino in the early hours of the morning to partake in some gambling. Their fun night out of gambling quickly turned into a sour one. Delaney was in a foul mood after loosing a good chunk of change on the Roulette table. This is something that happens to almost everyone that gambles frequently. Most people know how to cope. Some brush it off because they’ve won enough throughout their lives to realize that it’s not a terrible loss. Others gamble harder to make up for the loss. Then, there are some that just brush it off, cut their losses, and go home. Delaney did none of those things because he was livid about the predicament that he had found himself in.

Robin Thomson was at the same table that Delaney and his friend, Oliver James, were playing at on that night. He had left the casino and the roulette table as well. Thomson and those two didn’t have any interaction at the roulette table which is to be expected. Sometimes, players don’t ever utter a word to teach other when they are focused on gambling. These players did have an interaction and unfortunately it would turn out to be one that was fatal.

Thomson had left the casino to head home to his home for the night. Upon exiting, he found himself face to face with Delaney and James. The two were in a bit of an argument. Delaney was upset about losing his money and was accusing James. He told James that it was his fault that he had lost a grand at the casino. Perhaps, he expected his friend to cut him off or maybe his friend encouraged him to keep gambling. The argument escalated from there when Delaney refused to give James money for a taxi home. Instead he chose to storm off which would result in a fatal mistake.

After leaving James, Delaney lashed out on a bystander and hit Thomson with a single punch to his head. There is of course the lingering question of why this simple yet tragic act was completed. Was there some sort of confrontation? Was Delaney still trying to control his foul mood?

Delaney was fed up and frustrated about his predicament and lashed out at this innocent bystander, it seems. That’s not the story that Delaney is telling, however. Delaney says that Thomson was threatening him by cursing at him and demanding to fight him. Delaney says that’s why he reacted the way he did. The only other witness was James who was standing a few feet away. James saw Delaney punch the man and decided to be a good friend. He told Delaney to go home because he thought it was just a minor injury and wanted to avoid any more fights. He figured he could diffuse the situation by getting Delaney out of there. Unfortunately, when James approached Thomson, Thomson was not moving. James thought the man would simply get up and be okay but that wasn’t the case. Thomson was unconscious and unfortunately the situation would get worse.

Thomson died a few days later at the hospital. He had suffered serious injuries because he was hit with quite the force. His nose was broken and he suffered neck and spinal injuries which ended up being fatal. Delaney is now in prison.

Two lives were lost the day at the casino. The life of Thomson was lost. It’s a very sad situation. Thomson had kept to himself while at the casino. Perhaps he was just looking for a little fun or looking to win some money. He was not looking for his life to end in a manner just like this. Delaney’s life was lost as well for a quick decision he never should have made. It’s understandable to get upset and frustrated at casinos but it’s never understandable to lash out and harm someone. Delaney should have kept his anger in check and there would have been a different outcome. There was nothing the casino could do to stop this attack especially since it occurred outside. Unfortunately, this act was just the result of one persons stupidity over losing a game. A lesson can be learned in all of this, however. That lesson is to not take gambling so seriously. Sometimes if a person is feeling overwhelmed with anger, they should simply walk away in order to diffuse a possibly toxic situation.